Brisbane Wedding Photographer shoots a Sony

Discussion in 'Sony' started by D_Mac, Sep 10, 2007.

  1. D_Mac

    D_Mac Guest

    OK... It's a corny caption I know but hey... It fits perfectly,
    doesn't it?

    The new Sony HDV was just sitting there when I took none too careful

    1/3rd of a second (on a monopod) using 11 - 19 Tamron lens on a 20D at
    400 ISO. The colour balance had to be corrected to 4000k from Canon's
    "Auto" choice of 6000k. How that happens is something Canon need to
    address unless they intend to hand out Kelvin meters with their
    cameras in the future.

    I used ACR to "doctor" the tonal range, lowering white and picking up
    shadows. I added a touch of "Smart Sharpen" and the picture looks
    absolutely nothing like the God awful camera file I'd normally just

    My Fijifilm S5 isn't all that much better in these conditions and the
    noise is worse but surprise, surprise... The Panasonic FZ50 meters the
    colour close enough on auto to just squeeze in as a print ready file
    out of the camera... It just needs Panasonic to address the dynamic
    range issue and they could reach greatness.

    D_Mac, Sep 10, 2007
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  2. D_Mac

    Vintage Monk Guest

    D_Mac wrote:

    NO ONE GIVES A ****


    And I encourage all other posters of all groups to do the same and keep
    doing it when he reinvents Julian.
    Vintage Monk, Sep 10, 2007
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  3. D_Mac

    D_Mac Guest

    Your profanity is duly noted Monk.
    I can't help thinking that short fuses all seem to end in big

    D_Mac, Sep 11, 2007
  4. D_Mac

    Pete D Guest

    Hardly profanity when it is used in the everyday lexicon. You have to agree
    with the sentiment at least, you would have to be pretty much the worlds
    most boring person/s.....
    Pete D, Sep 11, 2007
  5. D_Mac

    D_Mac Guest

    It's an odd thing Peter.
    If you think profanity is commonplace in our language, either you are
    out of step with public opinion or those of us who abhor it's use -
    and that includes every Hospital and Government department in the
    country, are out of step... Which do you suppose that is?

    Newsgroups are public forums. Children have access to them and to be
    confronted with language like you are now defending the use of, is
    absolutely unacceptable. I'm unsure where you and the idiots who form
    the "mob" which has just about killed off get your notion of
    what is acceptable in the community and what is not but I'll tell you
    this. Such behaviour is not acceptable and you really ought to
    consider more carefully how you want to be seen or you will be seen as
    no better (probably worse) than the people you seek to imitate and

    It is entirely your choice to have an opinion about me. It is unlikely
    it will be accurate because you only ever come in contact with me in a
    adversarial role. Not you, nor the mob have any knowledge of me, what
    I do or how I see and to what lengths I'll go to defending the things
    you place no value in.

    What you can't do without me retaliating is engage in the childish
    antics of personal vilification you have in the past and continue
    doing it without me testing the strength of the laws which are
    supposed to prevent you from doing it.

    D_Mac, Sep 11, 2007
  6. D_Mac

    Pete D Guest

    Seriously Dowg you would be the single most deluded person on this planet,
    if you even take a few minutes when you have your head out of your arse to
    breathe (you do breathe sometimes, right) , have a look in the mirror mate
    because you will see what I mean.
    Pete D, Sep 11, 2007
  7. D_Mac

    Vintage Monk Guest

    Doug, unlike others when I write PLONK I actually killfile that person.
    So you writing one of your 2000 word replies on how bad of a person I am
    for calling you a FUCKWIT only gets seen by me if someone else replies.

    Thank you for noting my profanity, you do realise the word **** is not
    rated as a profanity anymore. Tell a cop to get fucked, sure he will
    arrest you but the court will chuck it out.

    So let me state again ***** OFF DOUG NO-ONE LIKES YOU OR GIVES A ****

    @Pete D Love how you addes the s to person. We should run a book and
    people bet on how many different names Doug can use a week.
    Vintage Monk, Sep 12, 2007
  8. D_Mac

    D_Mac Guest

    You are about to be shocked. This is a public forum, not a rated one.
    Profanity in a public forum is not just frowned upon but could just
    get you kicked off the Internet. Google will certainly delete your
    posts and any reference to them from their servers. I'll send off a
    complaint to them without delay.

    Your ISP specifically prohibits what your are doing and just to show
    you that you are not the invincible person you seem to think you
    are... While you read this:
    I'll lightly grace the keys of my notebook with a complaint to your
    ISP about you.

    I don't have any issues with you having an opinion about me. I don't
    have an issue with you thinking I'm joking when I simply won't
    tolerate illegal and obnoxious behaviour from those who only see a
    crime in what they do when a Judge sentences them. What I have issues
    with are people who steal my images and use them for their own
    amusement and people who flaunt the acceptable use policy of their
    ISP. I don't know where (nor do I care) where you learnt to be so
    disruptive and think it's fun to destroy what you came to enjoy... Do
    it somewhere else with someone else.

    D_Mac, Sep 12, 2007
  9. D_Mac

    RBrickston Guest

    Totally wrong. Google it.

    "Results 1 - 100 of about 24,800,000 for ****"
    RBrickston, Sep 13, 2007
  10. D_Mac

    Vintage Monk Guest

    RBrickston wrote:
    *NOTE - This is in reply to the killfiled D-Mac not RB*

    Kicked off the internet by who? The advantage of having 4 isp's.
    Wonder why google didn't delete this post from 2004 if they hate the
    word ****

    In groups it comes up with 15m posts with the word **** in them
    including 2 groups with **** in their description.

    Without delay? You did delay to write your post.
    Rewrite it and tell them to hurry as my boss has just signed up with
    another server as of the end of the month.

    Where did I say I was invincible? I just stated what everyone else
    thinks, not one person in likes you. It is that simple but you
    continue to make up names and change them to get around killfiles.
    Stick to one name so you can stay killfiled and see how many people
    reply to you.

    While you read this:
    It is not my ISP, it is my workplaces ISP.

    It seems you do.

    I don't
    I didn't say you were joking, I fully believe you but I will say you
    have too much time on your hands.

    What I have issues
    Well, that is where you have just come unstuck, I have never stolen an
    image of yours and never intend to. The only time I have seen your
    images is in Bret's and Marks pages after you told them to post the
    cache images. Remember telling them to post them?

    Case closed due to no proof, seeya D-Mac.

    Vintage Monk, Sep 13, 2007
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