Brisbane Wedding Photographer takes amazing bridle portrait!

Discussion in 'Australia Photography' started by D_Mac, Aug 26, 2007.

  1. D_Mac

    D_Mac Guest

    Bridal portraits are my speciality. Usually I guard my brides from you
    lot but I just couldn't resist sharing this amazing bridle portrait
    with you!

    lose your sense of humour and you really do lose it!
    D_Mac, Aug 26, 2007
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  2. D_Mac

    N Guest

    The humour in that just flu out the window.
    N, Aug 26, 2007
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  3. D_Mac

    Pete D Guest

    Yes. Came across the border this afternoon and there was police with a big
    sign stopping all horses from coming acroos from NSW.
    Pete D, Aug 26, 2007
  4. D_Mac

    Rob Guest

    Its into Queensland now as well!
    Rob, Aug 26, 2007
  5. D_Mac

    Savageduck Guest

    É but why the shot of the groom's honeymoon outfit?
    Savageduck, Aug 26, 2007
  6. D_Mac

    uw wayne Guest

    Looks kinky to me.... and I thought my girlfriend had everything.
    Where do I get one?
    uw wayne, Aug 26, 2007
  7. D_Mac

    Annika1980 Guest

    Many of the brides you photograph could use a bridle.
    Annika1980, Aug 26, 2007
  8. D_Mac

    D_Mac Guest

    That the thing with you Bret. All this unbridled frustration!

    D_Mac, Aug 26, 2007
  9. D_Mac

    Walter Banks Guest

    Taken in hook lines and bit

    Well done...

    Walter Banks, Aug 27, 2007
  10. D_Mac

    Murray Guest

    Did the horse get the 'flu?
    Murray, Aug 27, 2007
  11. D_Mac

    Draco Guest

    Truely an amazing portrait, Douglas. Beautiful lighting. No harsh
    shadows at all.


    Getting even isn't good enough.

    Doing better...does.
    Draco, Aug 27, 2007
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