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Discussion in 'Digital Cameras' started by ScorpionKing, Aug 13, 2003.

  1. ScorpionKing

    ScorpionKing Guest

    I posted here a week or more ago asking about B&H Photo. Most posters
    if not all politely replied that I would Have no problems with them.

    HAving read these relies and my heart set on a new Sony V-1 I went on
    the net at 01:00 and started doing my last minute research on the V1
    to make sure this is what I really wanted. About an hour later and
    fading fast, was prepared to buy it when as luck would have it, an ad
    for B&H photo was sitting on the right side of my screen on some web
    page. I click. I see. I see that B&H has what appears to be the
    best price on the net for a Sony V1. WOW! I'm one lucky guy. I buy.

    so now it's a day later and I get a call about my order. The kid on
    the phone tries to get me to buy all this other crap that i don't
    want. All told It takes me about 4 minutes of saying no to get rid of
    him. I'm confused because I thought I'd read that B&H didn't do this.
    Later in the day I get an e-mail confirmation that my order for a V1
    with BROADWAY PHOTO has been processed. WHAT???????? I ordered from
    B&H! I check my IE history and low and behold, I did go to Broadway
    Photo's site. I was on the ragged edge when I placed the order, but I
    didn't know I was that out of it.

    Now I go on and do a search for ratings of Broadway Photo. I go
    further and check the news group. GOD HELP ME! What have I done?
    Everyone bar none had some problem with gray market, pushy sales
    people, miss billings, bad service, ect.

    I was all se to cancel my order when I realized that I could just wait
    it out a bit and see what happens. If they are as bad as everyone
    says or I'm unhappy, i will just call my credit card company.

    I week and a half later UPS delivers a New, UNopened, Sony V1 with all
    the US warranties, not in store, and an original Sony manual, not
    photo copied.

    Am I the only lucky guy on this planet that's ever had anything go
    right with Broadway Photo?

    I'm thinking about posting a positive review of their store on one of
    the rating sites to be fair, but is it just a flook?

    I haven't played with the camera yet, maybe I should hold for awhile?
    ScorpionKing, Aug 13, 2003
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  2. ScorpionKing

    ScorpionKing Guest

    I suppose you're right.
    ScorpionKing, Aug 13, 2003
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