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Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by m2001, Sep 23, 2003.

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    My message is a follow-up to an earlier thread. Sorry I am new to the
    group and could not figure out how to post direct follow-up in Google

    I am thinking about buying a Dell 4600 for video-editing. You message
    is helpful. Are the 4600 work well in your school? Do they come with
    Dell Movie Studio Plus (2 firewire ports? analog video capture?)?
    What kind of video capture card you got?

    Do you see the problem mentioned by a Dell owner?

    From: N Hamilton ([email protected]
    Subject: Re: Building a machine
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    Date: 2003-06-23 14:41:30 PST
    I teach video and animation at a high tech high school. Last year we
    5 Dell 8200 with Canopus Raptor cards for about $1100 each. We just
    8 Dell 4600 for $1000 including shipping.
    You can get these for $883 without shipping and they work flawlessly
    if you
    add a 120GB drive which sell for $90 if you shop around.
    2.4Ghz, 512MB, 30GB hard plus 120GB added later, XP Pro. Add a $30
    card, Premiere 6.5 and you'll have a great machine
    m2001, Sep 23, 2003
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