Bunch O' Panasonic Fotoz...

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by David Ruether, Feb 11, 2014.

  1. David Ruether, Feb 11, 2014
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  2. David Ruether

    HerHusband Guest

    Nice photos. Lots of "artsy" stuff in there. :)

    I have to admit, most of the stuff about lenses, aperatures, etc. is way
    over my head. I point the camera and push the button. The only manual
    control I've ever really made use of is the focus when automatic wanted to
    focus on the wrong thing.

    Unfortunately, most of the Panasonic still cameras are out of my budget.
    The upcoming GH4 might as well cost a million dollars, I can't afford it
    either way. :)

    I did get an LX7 for my wife for Christmas, mostly for still photos. I
    haven't had a chance to try the video on it yet, but we've been happy with
    it so far. The removable lens cap takes some getting used to and I'm sure
    we're going to lose it at some point, but the image quality has been very
    nice. I still need to find a small travel bag that we can keep the camera,
    charger, and a pair of batteries in.

    When we go on vacations, my wife usually has the camera and I have the
    camcorder. So I show up in all the photos, and she shows up in all the
    movies. :) On our last trip, she tried to shoot some video with her still
    camera. It was nice to work a little of that footage into our travel video,
    but the video quality was horrible on that camera (Nikon P300). I'm hoping
    the LX7 will be better and that she'll use it more often. I took a few
    photos with the TM700 for the first time also, and it was nice to get a few
    shots of her we wouldn't normally have.

    Anthony Watson
    HerHusband, Feb 12, 2014
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  3. David Ruether

    Brian Guest

    Then there's the buying of a 4K TV to view the 4K video on.
    Brian, Feb 12, 2014
  4. I don't plan on getting a 4K TV for QUITE a while...!;-)
    The GH4 is interesting for its many unique ways (at anywhere
    near its price!) in which it can take better 1080P video!

    A second battery solves the "space" problem, with many tiny
    bags working well with this camera. I like one which unzips
    around the front, letting the front open outward, holding
    the camera in a "pouch" for easy removal. The one I use
    easily stashes the tiny batteries in a slot above the camera.
    The small charger (and other batteries) are carried elsewhere.
    I made my own cap that covers the entire lens housing, with
    an old lens rear cap, using the soft half of Velcro on the
    inside edge of the cap to fill in the gap and help keep it
    on the camera. That case also has a very stiff front to
    protect the rear screen (which faces it). BTW, I finally
    got around to buying a used LV2 EVF for my LX7, but soon
    "stashed" it. It made the camera effectively much larger
    and harder to handle - and, although it had the same specs
    as the excellent and sharp EVF built into the Panasonic G5,
    it was not as sharp (and I REALLY LIKE using the excellent
    rear screen on the LX7, unlike any other I've used).

    "Sorta" the same here...;-)

    The TM700 takes decent stills if not wanted large; the LX7
    takes decent video, if you are not too "picky". BTW, *if*
    I shoot video with the LX7 (most of my other Panasonics
    shoot FAR better video...;-), I generally set exposure bias
    down a third of a stop, and the contrast and sharpness up
    a 'notch" each...
    David Ruether, Feb 23, 2014
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