Buy cameras from Asian Manufacturers and sell them for double price.

Discussion in '35mm Cameras' started by Anne, Dec 29, 2003.

  1. Anne

    Anne Guest

    Anne, Dec 29, 2003
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  2. Anne

    PSsquare Guest

    ........and when you have a problem with the camera, what do you do?

    PSsquare, Dec 29, 2003
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  3. I would do what I always end up doing anyway....I bring it to a repair shop
    that I trust, and pay full price to get it repaired. It doesn't matter
    whether I have a warrantee or not. Whenever I buy something, I lose the
    paperwork before I get it home, so I find myself a good repairman ASAP,
    because I know that I am going to need him someday. Consumer's Union did a
    survey on this question a number of years ago. They found out that the extra
    price you pay for warrantees on electronic equipment and household
    appliances is usually wasted money. Most stuff is designed to not fail until
    it becomes obsolete and not worth repairing anyway. The warrantee money is
    just extra money in the store's pocket.
    William Graham, Dec 29, 2003
  4. Anne

    PSsquare Guest


    Glad you live in a city with a camera repair shop, but also happy that I
    don't live in a city that large. For the great many people that live outside
    big metropolitan centers, there are few repair shops directly available. By
    buying from a local camera shop, I get full warranty service at no extra
    expense, and I don't even pay for the shipping. After the warranty expires,
    I get the benefit of the camera shop's leverage with reputable repair shops.
    A repair shop is more likely to fairly treat the camera shop than an
    individual who does infrequent business with them.

    The on/off switch on my daughter's new digital Nikon camera started
    malfunctioning last month. I took it back to the local camera shop where I
    bought it in May and with no hassle it was repaired and back for the
    Holidays. I think that I originally paid the shop about $25 over mail order
    prices. That sure beat the alternative had I bought the camera over Ebay
    from some place in Hong Kong.

    My basic point is that you get what you pay for. If you want someone to
    support you when you have a problem, you have to patronize them before you
    have the problem.

    PSsquare, Dec 30, 2003
  5. Anne

    Bob Monaghan Guest


    I don't think we should be surprised that the shop and Nikon honored their
    warranty on 7 month old camera failure.

    cameras made by the major brands have international warranties which will
    be honored for repairs during warranty period, though you may have to mail
    the camera to a repair facility or back to factory (where the repair
    quality, incidentally, is often superior to local repair services).

    out of warranty repairs are usually much cheaper (up to 100-300%) at local
    independent repairshops than many "official" repair facilities, which try
    to recoup some of their costs this way ;-) see sample prices at and mf/repairsites.html for

    most independent repairers are at least as good with individual repairs,
    where they get full $$, as on camera shops, where they have to low bid ;-)

    the amount you save buying overseas can vary, but $25 sounds pretty
    minimal, I'll agree ;-) On many items, you may save more like 40-60%,
    which can be $3,000 on a hasselblad lens, for example. When you can get
    the same international warranty, on the same new in box lens, and save
    $3,000, it may be worth the minor risks of an overseas repair return
    during warranty (unlikely on a high end item?) to save those kinds of $$.

    this is one reason camera stores are dying; the other is they made major
    profits on selling used gear at 100-200% markups (and far less on new
    gear), but now used gear has gone to ebay for higher return to sellers
    rather than to camera stores for low 35% of selling price as in past ;-)

    my $.02 bobm
    Bob Monaghan, Dec 30, 2003
  6. Anne

    Jerry L. Guest

    If you get a Hasselblad lens with a "international warranty" that
    means you get to post the lens to Sweden for repairs. Hasselblad in
    the U.S. may decline to fix or do anything with the lens you saved
    $3,000 on -- they did not import it.

    That is the downside of buying the 'best price' regardless of future
    = = =
    Jerry L., Dec 31, 2003
  7. Anne

    Bob Monaghan Guest

    yes, agreed. In other words, you send it DHL or fedex to sweden instead of
    USA, if that hasselblad lens fails when in warranty. And how many hassy
    lenses or other lenses fail during warranty (answer per industry stats,
    under 5%)? So in exchange for a change in mailing overseas for repair in
    less than 5% of cases, you save potentially thousand(s) of dollars, e.g.,

    here is a (dated) sample of savings per David Freeman's posting on hong
    kong prices vs. B&H, and both are far cheaper than the usual retail store:
    Hasselblad 903SWC HK$28000 (approx. US$3612). B+H price is $4986.
    Leica 19mm/2.8 Elmarit HK$15,600 (approx. US$2012). B+ H: $3096
    Leica 80mm/1.4 Summilux HK$15000 (approx US$1935). B+H: $2996

    this is why many USA distributors are staying up late, coming up with
    programs like nikon's 5 year warranty (vs 1 year standard) and so on to
    try and keep buyers from bypassing them and buying direct via internet etc

    Now if that Nikon camera that began this thread had cost not $25 more than
    discount or overseas, but $2,500 more, would you have bought at the store?
    For many folks, the answer is NO!!! ;-)

    regards bobm
    Bob Monaghan, Jan 1, 2004
  8. Anne

    MikeWhy Guest

    For those prices, Bob, I think I would have bought a car, or maybe a place
    to park the mobile home, and then semi-retire to live off what I've already
    shot. :)
    MikeWhy, Jan 1, 2004
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