Buying a Canon D10 in Toronto

Discussion in 'Canon' started by EricR, Jul 13, 2003.

  1. EricR

    EricR Guest


    Wife is there with work, and wondered about the best place to buy a
    D10 in Toronto.

    1) Are they a lot cheaper there than in the UK? £1,250 GBP = 2,814.11
    is good price I can find for body only.

    2) Is it worth paying the extra for a UK warranty, and peace of mind
    that gives?

    3) Would we be able to reclaim any Canadian Tax back?

    4) Would we get VAT slapped on it coming into the UK?

    5) Anyone suggest a store in Toronto in a central area of the city?

    All comments welcome.
    EricR, Jul 13, 2003
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  2. EricR

    EricR Guest


    Thanks for all responses. In the end decided the hassle of getting it
    back over the pond for repai far outweighed the benefits of the
    cheaper price.

    Also, someone else has advised of a lower UK price that I hadn;t seen,
    also EOS Magazine is carrying a £100 cashback off a camera or £200 of
    a camera and lens, so I can get a UK warrantied model for around the
    £1100 mark.


    Remove BRAIN to reply.....ALSO......
    When replying by mail include USENET in the subject please.
    My mail filters will then let your message through.

    I Get 100 per day :-((((
    EricR, Jul 16, 2003
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