Buying Adobe Elements?

Discussion in 'Digital Cameras' started by David Hare-Scott, May 12, 2013.

  1. I am considering buying Elements 11. It seems to come in several forms.

    Most vendors offer it for about $120 (AU). One is offering "Photoshop
    Elements 11 MP Attach ( ADOBE 65207557 )" for $35.

    I have worked out that "MP" means multiplatform, which is not important.

    "Attach" seems to be "Mass merchant attached bundle". What does that mean?
    Am I getting the full product? What's the catch?

    David Hare-Scott, May 12, 2013
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  2. David Hare-Scott

    PeterN Guest

    You could be buying pirated software. Aside from the legal and moral
    issues, quite often pirated software contains worms that can,at best,
    wreak havoc on your machine.At worst, steal all your passwords and aid
    in the theft of your identity. If something is priced way below market,
    there's a reason, and it may not benefit the purchaser as much as the
    PeterN, May 12, 2013
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  3. David Hare-Scott

    Tony Cooper Guest

    What I find is Adobe Premiere Elements 11 Mass Merchant Attach (bundle
    version). In the US, the "Premiere" program is a program for used for
    video, not still photography. Here's what "Premiere Elements 11"
    does: It retails in
    the US for US$79.99, but is available for less than that at other

    Elements 11, without the "Premiere" designation, is the program used
    for still photographs.

    A bundled version is usually something less than the stand-alone
    version. However, what the "usual" is in Australia is not something
    I'd know about.

    This page:
    has an "Ask a question" link by Adobe. Ask them what you'd be
    Tony Cooper, May 12, 2013
  4. David Hare-Scott

    Guest Guest

    he said he wants photoshop elements. did you not see where he said
    'photoshop elements 11' in the second sentence?

    you really need to work on your reading skills.
    no it isn't. a bundled version is the same as the retail version, but
    with an not-for-resale label. it may also come with a different level
    of support than the standalone copy.

    the 'mass merchant attached bundled version' is probably the bundled
    version sold separately that would otherwise be bundled with something
    the merchant sells.

    he should ask adobe for clarification.
    Guest, May 12, 2013
  5. David Hare-Scott

    Tony Cooper Guest

    Oh, dear. Another argument-just-for-argument from nospam, and wrong
    as usual. No surprise.

    I said "What I find is..." and what I found was Adobe Premiere
    Elements 11 at Australian sites when I Googled (Adobe 65207557).
    You *did* read the Adobe number, didn't you? And that he is in

    What he wants is probably Adobe Elements 11 for still photography.
    That's clear. What he might me getting is the Premiere video version.
    "Might", though, since Australia's product identification terms may be

    What I encouraged is checking with Adobe to find out what, exactly,
    the product is.
    Just on the face of it "a different level of support" makes it
    something less. However, some bundled products are abbreviated
    versions of the retail product. My Wacom table came with Nik
    software, but - I found out when using it - it was a severely
    abbreviated version of the Nik software. Far fewer choices, but the
    Wacom advertisement did not tell me this. I now have the full Nik
    package, but bought separately.

    Nero bundled programs were often less than the retail program, but
    gave you the ability to upgrade (at a price) to the full version.
    Wacom has offered Elements as a bundle, but a not-the-current version.
    I don't know what today's offering is. They just say "Elements".

    You can't assume that a bundled program is the full version or the
    latest version. It might be, but it might not.

    Additionally, some bundled programs do not work on all OS levels. It
    may not work on Windows 8, but may be advertised as the Windows

    And, some software that is bundled with a computer will not install on
    a new computer even if you have the installation disk. That's
    different from the retail version of the same product. That makes you
    wonder if a bundled version bought separately - as the poster is doing
    - is going to work.

    They are not always "the same".
    Which is exactly what I recommended.

    Why not try and provide the poster with helpful information in direct
    reply to his post? You're an expert in all fields, and should be able
    to do this. Instead, you erroneously provide a bullshit argument to
    what others post.
    Tony Cooper, May 12, 2013
  6. David Hare-Scott

    Guest Guest

    nothing about what i said was wrong.
    then you need to learn how to google.

    when i googled adobe 65207557, i got over 5000 hits. every single hit
    on the first page were *all* photoshop. every. single. one.

    here are a few of those links:

    ADOBE 65207557 Photoshop Elements 11 MP Attach

    Photoshop Elements 11 Mulitple Platform Mass Merchant Attach/bundle
    Part Number 65207557

    of course.

    looks like it's you who didn't read the number, because the number is
    for photoshop, not premiere.
    not probably. he specifically said photoshop in his initial query and
    gave the number for photoshop. see above.
    as did i.
    nope. it's exactly the same software.
    that's nice. this isn't about nik or nero.

    photoshop elements retail is *identical* to elements bundled. i worked
    on a product that bundled it. you would be surprised at how much it
    costs to bundle it too.
    i don't need to assume it, i *know* it. see above.
    elements 11 works on windows 8.
    not an issue with elements.

    it's possible that they shouldn't be selling it separately, but that's
    a different issue. that's an eula violation.
    this is about photoshop elements, which is the same.
    as did i.
    nothing erroneous or bullshit about what i wrote.

    you, on the other hand googled the wrong product, rambled about
    something he wasn't asking about and erroneously claimed that bundled
    elements is different.
    Guest, May 12, 2013
  7. David Hare-Scott

    Tony Cooper Guest

    Weasel. Big weasel. Without the same level of support, it's a
    different deal.

    It's about bundled products, and I said that a bundled product may not
    be the same as the retail version and cited Nero and Nik as examples
    I've encountered.

    It doesn't make your case to fabricate statements. I said nothing
    specific about bundled Elements other than some bundled Elements are
    not-the-current version.
    Previously, examples were cited where the bundled version was not the
    current version.
    Did I say "some"?
    What is "photoshop elements"? I know about Adobe Elements, but
    Photoshop is a different program.
    Not to him.
    I get pages like this:
    which list Premiere as well as the regular Elements 11.

    Not being familiar with the Australian market, it's enough for me to
    caution him.

    You, on the other hand, have nothing helpful to offer.
    Tony Cooper, May 12, 2013
  8. David Hare-Scott

    Savageduck Guest

    Actually it is "Adobe Photoshop Elements" or PSE.

    I got a version of PSE9 bundled with something I bought a year or two
    ago, and that appears to be as fully featured as that version of PSE,
    9.0 (20100905.m.9093) got.
    Savageduck, May 12, 2013
  9. David Hare-Scott

    Guest Guest

    Guest, May 12, 2013
  10. David Hare-Scott

    Guest Guest

    yes, and i pasted 3 links. i'm not going to paste all 5000.

    you need to learn how to google.

    he said:
    he is clearly asking about photoshop, not premiere, and the part number
    he gave confirms that.
    no weasel at all. the contents of the disc is identical. that makes it
    the *same*. do an md5 hash on it.

    the label on the surface may say nfr or bundled or maybe have a
    different art design (i'm not going to dig up mine), but that's about

    it's *exactly* the same software.

    the support thing is a non-issue. have you ever called adobe for a
    photoshop question? plus he's in australia. it's not like it's a local
    call. there's also plenty of support in online forums or from books.

    it is you who is weaseling.
    in general that's true. however, this isn't a general discussion.

    it is specifically about photoshop elements, one version of which may
    be a bundled version. it is not about nik or nero or anything else.
    i'm not fabricating a thing, and since he is considering buying the
    latest version, older versions are not relevant.

    he isn't buying a wacom tablet and hoping to get the latest version. he
    is trying to buy it directly from a seller, where it specifically says
    of unrelated products.
    the original post was about photoshop elements 11, which runs on
    windows 8. period.

    whether *other* software runs on windows 8 or not is irrelevant. he
    wasn't asking about any of that.

    your bringing it up only serves to confuse him.
    what cave have you been living in?

    photoshop elements is the consumer version of photoshop. previously it
    was called photoshop le.

    if you don't understand that much, then you aren't in a position to be
    giving advice.
    yes it was to him, although it was in a reply to you after you rambled
    about products he did not ask about.
    if you watch the url bar, you'll see that the link on google redirects
    to a more general page. that means the original hit was to a page that
    no longer exists, so you get a page that is what they think you were
    looking for. sometimes it's the same product category and sometimes
    it's the main page of the seller.

    many of those links do *not* redirect. i posted 3 such links that are
    specifically for photoshop elements, *with* the given product number.
    this confirms that the number he gave was for photoshop elements.

    you're wrong. period.
    i'm sure he realizes that premiere elements is different than photoshop
    elements. just about everyone does.
    wrong again.
    Guest, May 12, 2013
  11. David Hare-Scott

    Tony Cooper Guest

    What's this? You think you control what is to be discussed? A thread
    here is whatever the participants decide to post.

    If we wanted a monitored group, we'd go to a monitored group.
    Tony Cooper, May 12, 2013
  12. David Hare-Scott

    Guest Guest

    the original poster asked specifically about photoshop elements.

    he didn't ask about the general case.
    Guest, May 12, 2013
  13. David Hare-Scott

    RichA Guest

    Just wait. Once it becomes a cloud rental program, they'll be
    downloading commercials to you every other day.
    RichA, May 12, 2013
  14. David Hare-Scott

    Guest Guest

    no they won't.
    Guest, May 12, 2013
  15. First my newsserver seems to be playing up as I clearly don't have all the
    posts in this thread (including my original) so I am replying to first I can
    get hold of. This is nothing personal about Tony Cooper or his

    OK some clarification. I know the difference between full Photoshop,
    Elements, Element Premiere etc. I want Adobe Photoshop Elements version 11
    for still photography.

    I am in Australia. The exact price is not important. I want to know why one
    version is a third of the price of the other in the same market. What is
    meant by 'attach' or 'mass merchant attached bundle' in this context. I
    have searched the Adobe site and there nothing to clarify that I can find.
    In the context of software 'bundle' usually means you get something cheaper
    if you buy another product with it. None of the merchants I have checked
    offering this (and there are a few) care to explain what else is in the
    bundle is or if in fact it is a bundle at all. I begin to suspect that it
    is a copy that was licensed to be bundled with a larger purchase (eg a
    camera) that is now being offered alone. Whether Adobe would be happy with
    that I don't know.

    I was hoping that somebody would actually know the answer and save me
    guessing. Anybody?

    David Hare-Scott, May 13, 2013
  16. David Hare-Scott

    Guest Guest

    that much was clear, except to one person.
    i've never heard the term attach or mass merchant attached. are there
    other products using either term in australia?

    in any event, it's probably a bundled version being resold standalone,
    as you suspect.
    not likely, if it's a version intended to be bundled with hardware.
    ask adobe directly for an authoritative answer.
    Guest, May 13, 2013
  17. David Hare-Scott

    Mayayana Guest

    | I begin to suspect that it
    | is a copy that was licensed to be bundled with a larger purchase (eg a
    | camera) that is now being offered alone.

    That seems likely. It's common to sell things cheaper
    by splitting them up. There was a court challenge to that
    in the US many years ago. was
    challenged by someone. Maybe Microsoft, but I'm not
    sure. They were splitting up program disks that were meant
    to come in one package and selling them separately. For
    instance, selling the Visual C++, VB, and documentation disks
    separately from a Visual Studio package.

    | Whether Adobe would be happy with
    | that I don't know.

    Buycheapsoftware won their case, but I don't know
    how that applies to Australian law. "Mass Merchant Attach"
    seems to be specific to Australia. And that still doesn't
    answer whether the "bundle" version is fully functional.
    In the example above, for instance, someone buying the
    VC++ disk was getting a full, usable, legal product, but
    without the help files that may or may not have come
    with a VC++ retail product.
    Mayayana, May 13, 2013
  18. David Hare-Scott

    Tony Cooper Guest

    I assumed that this is what you want, but pointed out that the
    listings I saw did not indicate, for sure, that this is what you'd
    get. I simply encouraged some caution and the need to check with
    Tony Cooper, May 13, 2013
  19. David Hare-Scott

    Guest Guest

    i can't find anything about a lawsuit involving

    however, i am finding a slew of reports about how much they rip off

    it looks like the lawsuit you might be thinking of is softman v. adobe:
    Guest, May 13, 2013
  20. David Hare-Scott

    Robert Coe Guest

    : In article
    : <>,
    : > Just wait. Once it becomes a cloud rental program, they'll be
    : > downloading commercials to you every other day.
    : no they won't.

    What's with you this week, nospam? Are you in a competition for recognition as
    Adobe's No. 1 Shill?

    Robert Coe, May 13, 2013
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