buying large capacity memory, will it take it?

Discussion in 'Digital Cameras' started by noname, Feb 12, 2005.

  1. noname

    noname Guest

    I'm new to digital photo. I just bought a Minolta dimage S414. When I look
    at the spec for this camera memory this is what I get:

    MINOLTA RM series Type I 8/16/32MB
    SanDisk SDCFB series Type I 32/64/128/512MB
    SDCFH series Type I 128/256MB
    Lexar Media 4X USB series Type I 32/64MB
    8X USB series Type I 48/80MB
    10X USB series Type I 160MB
    12X USB series Type I 128MB
    16X USB series Type I 192MB
    24X USB series Type I 256MB

    Since I'm new to the digital world, does it makes sense to buy the larger
    capacity memory available nowadays? like a 1 Go ? will the camera use it to
    its full capacity?

    also what about the speed of the memory. I see now memory with 80X speed ,
    will this speed be usable for my camera ( on the spec for this camera from
    Minolta website , they spot the speed at 24X )

    you can view the spec of this camera there:

    please help.
    please comment.

    noname, Feb 12, 2005
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  2. noname

    noname Guest

    thanks you Michael. you pretty much took the mystery out of the equation...
    noname, Feb 12, 2005
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  3. noname

    clutch Guest

    I don't have a minolta so I can't tell you if it can take bigger
    memory. The other day, my Sony DSC-p32's flash died at a family
    birthday party. My sisters (birthday girls mom) Sony camera was full
    and the computer was down so we couldn't offload. I thought, no
    problem, use my 512M memory stick. Didn't work. Could not format.

    Last Christmas, I could stick my 128M card into my sisters camera and
    it accepted it so her older Sony has a memory size limit.

    I'd groups google around for S414 and 1G | 512M | 256M memory to see
    if someone can positively say I have a S414 and it works. Failing
    that, find someone that is a camera buff and see if they have a CF in
    a size you are interested in and try it out. As long as they don't
    have pictures on it, formatting shouldn't be an issue afaik.

    My bud's at work has a camera S230??? and we were able to groups
    google search to find that 512M works for sure.


    clutch, Feb 12, 2005
  4. There are two possible issues with the Sony Technology. Memory Sticks
    use a controler in the camera, unlike Compact Flash, where the controler
    is in the card. The problem with "controler in the camera" is that an older
    camera can be incompatible with a memory card size/design that was
    created after the controler in the camera. Second: Sony has gone through
    a series of Memory Stick designs (Memory Stick, Duo, Pro, Duo-Pro?)
    that aren't mutually compatible.
    I've got the slightly older S404, and it uses 512MB cards (as would be
    expected) without an issue. I would think that 1GB and 2GB cards would
    work as well, since CF designs put the controler in the card, so the card
    is always compatible with the controler. Cards bigger than 2.1GB won't
    work, since the camera uses FAT16 which can only address 2.1GB of
    disk space.


    Dan (Woj...) [dmaster](no space)[at](no space)[lucent](no space)[dot](no
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    Dan Wojciechowski, Feb 18, 2005
  5. noname

    noname Guest

    thanks for your help sir


    noname, Feb 19, 2005
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