Call For Entries - Bogen Imaging Film and Video Shorts 2006

Discussion in 'Professional Video Production' started by jsolis, Jan 24, 2006.

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    The Bogen Imaging Film and Video Shorts 2006 contest minisite is now in
    full swing with new sections and new short film entries showcased
    online. The contest is open to all filmmakers in the US and
    internationally. There is no entry fee. The contest welcomes all genres
    and multiple submissions.

    All entries must be five minutes or less, and all entries must be 85
    megabytes in file size or less. Films over five minutes and over 85
    megabytes will not be accepted. The deadline is February 28, 2006, 5:00
    PM EST. All accepted works will be showcased online.

    The first prize is $9,136 worth of HD equipment. The second prize is
    $4,740 worth of HD equipment. The third prize is $3,174 worth of HD
    equipment. All equipment is from Bogen Imaging, Inc.

    The Bogen Imaging Film and Video Shorts 2006 contest continues to
    invite and encourage all independent film and video makers of all

    8 Reasons You Should Submit Your Short!

    - Gain more visibility and experience in the industry.
    - Have your work showcased online and viewed by industry professionals.
    - Have your work shown at future film screenings and tradeshows.
    - Celebrate, support, and challenge indie film styles and the short
    film medium.
    - Gain future opportunities for career advancement.
    - Explore, share, and understand ideas and new technologies.
    - Connect with other independent filmmakers and professionals.
    - Enter for FREE for a chance to win New HD Equipment from Bogen
    Imaging, Inc. for your

    For more details, go to

    The current film entries featured include the following works.

    ABANDONED is a short film directed by Tim Brice and starring Halit
    Dogane Ercan. The synopsis, as written by Brice: "The magical period
    between waking and sleeping evokes sounds and images which unsettle the
    conscious with past events - and those yet to be. Walter ascends a
    stairwell with great gusto only to find himself slowly depleted of all
    strength. By the end, he is left with only the ability to open his
    eyes, awaken, and live again."

    BAKING LOVE, directed and produced by James Norman, is a Swedish film
    with English subtitles about a night watchman who is seduced by the
    image of his dreams and obsessions. The silent comedy stars Lars

    BROTHERS is a short narrative/drama directed by Konrad Winters. The
    film runs just under five minutes and stars Reshaun Jones, Marc
    Thompson, and Everett Clarkson III. Credits include cinematography by
    Jennibeth Gomez, music by Dennis Latina, production design by Angela
    Winters, and editing by Jobert Atienza. The story sets on a farm in
    southern Virginia and tells a tale of plantation life in the summer of

    LOST SPRINGS is an experimental music video written and directed by
    Nick Zynda and co-written by Jacob Angelo. The short stars Zynda and
    Angelo with music by Greg Hale Jones.

    MUTANT FACTORY is an experimental animation running one minute and
    forty-nine seconds. The short is animated and directed by Ted Voltolina
    with photography and special effects by Jeff Jenkins and editing and
    sound by Brian Lonano.
    jsolis, Jan 24, 2006
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