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Discussion in 'Professional Video Production' started by Albert Beckmann, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. +++ CALL FOR ENTRIES 2009 +++
    film sharing Low & No Budget VideoFilmfestival Tour 2009

    We are looking for narrative and fictional shorts. The films and film
    ideas may have developed in all sorts of ways: we like accurately
    planned films, spontaneously done projects, exercises and inventive
    products which came into being (almost) by accident.
    Filmmakers who are not willing to submit their creativity to a fixed
    kind of commercial frame are invited to share their work with our
    festival audience!
    Originality of the plot or the way in which the story is told and
    flows are the crucial factors of evaluation. (And then there are some
    more formal criteria regarding the length of films (see below). But
    that is about it.


    short narration and fiction

    * extremely short (<3min)

    * short film (3-15min)

    * short film special for the category „It started promising..."
    (3 - 15min)

    This year, we will show the festival’s films in three different towns
    on three consecutive weekends in July 2009. And as every year, we'll
    be trying to show those selected films and the whole programme not
    only in Stuttgart, Heilbronn and Mainz, but in several European cities
    as well. After all, it's an international festival, not to be
    happening at one place only.

    Of course there is no entry fee for submitting films- you will find
    more information and the entry form on:
    Albert Beckmann, Jan 14, 2009
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