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Discussion in 'Darkroom Developing and Printing' started by cfrot, Jul 19, 2006.

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    The André Malraux Cultural Centre (CCAM) of Le Bourget (France)
    organizes an international photographic exhibition at the time of the
    International Polar Year.
    The topic of the exhibition is: Cold, Iced, Frozzen…
    The images must imperatively be pinhole-photography.
    The exhibition will take place from 29 March to 25 May 2007, at the
    André Malraux Cultural Centre of Le Bourget (France).
    A catalogue will be published on this occasion.

    To participate in this exhibition, please send before 30 December 2006,
    by Internet only, a file including the following documents:
    - Reproductions of 3 images as they will appear in the exhibition: if
    you present a picture realized with an alternative process (Platinum,
    Palladium, Cyanotype, Van Dyck, dichromate gum...), reproductions must
    show the process used.
    o Each reproduction must be titled or numbered from 1 to 3.
    o Each reproduction will measure 15 cm (5.9″) in its greatest
    dimension (300 dpi), then passed into .jpeg format, maximum quality.
    - A note (format .rtf or .pdf) presenting (in French, English or
    - your name, first name, address, country and e-mail address;
    - a short biography (5-7 lines);
    - the characteristics of the pinhole-camera(s) used to create these
    images (focal length, diaphragm…);
    - a short text (in French, English or Spanish) presenting your work on
    this subject (5-7 lines), the list of the titles of your images and
    their dimensions without passe-partout.
    - a photography of each pinhole-camera used, numbered from 1 to 3
    corresponding with the reproductions. This (these) image(s) will
    measure 7 cm (2.75″) in its greatest dimension in 300 dpi, passed
    into .jpeg maximum quality.

    Files not corresponding to this request will systematically be
    Authors selected will be informed by e-mail only during the last two
    weeks of January 2007.
    They will be requested to send in February (deadline for reception: 28
    February) by post their photographies ready to be put under frame, with
    or without matting.
    Dimensions of the frames are 40 × 50 cm (15.72″ × 19.65″)
    and 50 × 60 cm (19.65″ × 23.58″).
    Authors have to take all the customary precautions for a safe travel of
    their works so that they won’t be damaged.
    During the exhibition, authors will receive by e-mail images showing
    the opening and the exhibition. At the end of the exhibition, pictures
    will be returned to their authors at the expenses of the Town Hall of
    Le Bourget and each one will receive a catalogue of the exhibition.

    30 December 2006: Deadline to send the files at the following address:

    15-31 January 2007: Authors selected are informed by e-mail.
    1-28 February 2007: Reception of the works ready to be framed.
    25 March - 29 May 2007: Exhibition
    June 2007: Works are returned to their authors with the catalogue of
    the exhibition.
    cfrot, Jul 19, 2006
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