Call for unsigned artists.

Discussion in 'Professional Video Production' started by brillianttwin, Feb 7, 2009.

  1. To make us aware of your Song, Feature or Story Film, or Music Video:

    1. Brilliant Twin Entertainment is looking for experienced and
    aspiring producers and musicians who would like to have their produced
    aired on our website.

    2. Send a one page letter of inquiry with contact information and a
    summary of the project you wish us to consider to
    . If you are an individual
    include a copy of your personal credits. If you are a production
    company, include a copy of your company credits and a resume or bio of
    company principals. Please DO NOT include any show ideas as we are
    legally unable to review the ideas and will have to return all

    3. If your experience or your production company background meets our
    requirements, we will contact you for further information. At that
    time, we
    will request a demo reel of your work and at least one produced show/
    episode. Please wait until we contact you. Due to the large volume
    of interest that we've received, this step is necessary to ensure that
    are able to review all inquiries.

    4. If the produced show/episode is unaired material, you will be
    required to sign a legal agreement to protect the rights of both
    parties. This
    submission release form, provided by Brilliant Twin Entertainment,
    must be signed prior to the sharing of such materials.

    5. If we are interested in working with you or your production
    company, we will contact you. Submitted materials will not be
    brillianttwin, Feb 7, 2009
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