Camcorder battery - how much record time should I get on a Canon ZR-60?

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by Tom, Dec 17, 2003.

  1. Tom

    Tom Guest

    I bought a Canon ZR-60 camcorder which came with the BP-508 battery.
    My first supposedly brand-new package was missing the battery, so I
    exchanged it for the only other one at Walmart which was also supposed
    to be brand new, but I could tell from the way it was packed, a small
    dent on the battery, and several fingerprints that it had been opened
    and used before. Fortunately the camcorder itself was in good shape.

    After charging the battery up, I set the camcorder on record in SP
    mode (using the viewfinder) and came back 60 minutes later to stop
    recording just before the tape was full. I then rewound the tape and
    played it for a few minutes through the viewfinder before the battery
    warning came on and the camcorder soon turned itself off.

    According to the manual, the max recording time using the viewfinder
    is 100 minutes and the "typical" recording time is 55 minutes for the
    BP-508. I got about 65 minutes without doing any zooms or start/stops.

    Could others who own this camera and battery please tell me how long
    your battery typically lasts while recording using the viewfinder? I
    want to make sure that 65 minutes is what one would expect for a
    "brand new" BP-508 battery.

    Also, to extend the battery's life, when my battery is charged up
    should I leave it plugged in the camcorder with the AC adapter
    attached while I use it for analog capture, or is it better to
    disconnect it and set it aside until I need it? If I let the battery
    sit on a shelf, will its charge quickly drain (like my NiMH AA
    batteries do) or will it remain nearly full for months? In other
    words, should I recharge the battery for a little while before using
    it if I've let it sit unused for a while?
    Tom, Dec 17, 2003
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