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Discussion in 'UK Photography' started by, Feb 28, 2004.

  1. for all your Camera and Camcorder offers low
    priced batteries with highest reliability with Free Shipping anywhere in
    North America and Low Rate International Shipping. For wholesalers please
    visit our wholesale section.
    visit us @
, Feb 28, 2004
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    HD Guest

    Might seem picky , but for a Canadian company, why are U.S prices listed
    first and then our "Canadian " prices in brackets below? I'll spend my
    Canadian dollars with another distributor right here in Calgary. Others
    can be found right across Canada. Your prices are good, but not that
    great that I'd spend additional money on shipping .

    I support your advertising here, but daily? Hmmm.
    HD, Feb 28, 2004
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  3. Just to add to this thread, a few months ago I was looking for some
    batteries and this company never answered my several emails...
    George Zyngulgursh, Feb 28, 2004

    Joe Guest

    i bought 2 batteries from this company and got it in 5 days. batteries
    worked experience was positive and they answered my emails
    Joe, Feb 28, 2004

    Kaizer Bill Guest

    a freind of mine dealt with them..he was happy with his purchase...infact
    he'll be buying more from them.
    Kaizer Bill, Feb 28, 2004

    none Guest

    i was thinking the same thing, how lame!
    if they sell in us$ let them sell to americans. I have noticed a bad trend
    in companies listed as canadian that sell in us$ and it makes me cranky!
    none, Feb 28, 2004

    Jack Guest

    That just shows who their actual or target audience is..the US
    Jack, Feb 28, 2004

    dslr Guest

    So why x-post to a UK group?
    dslr, Feb 28, 2004
  9. The reason for this is that most canadian online businesses advertise in US
    Its infuriating, but I have spent 2 years trying to buck the trend and
    advertise in Canadian dollars
    and all people see is prices that look higher than my competitors.
    So later this year we will be going US dollars too :(
    Gordon Hudson, Feb 28, 2004

    Keith Beall Guest

    To include all 52 US states? :)
    Keith Beall, Feb 28, 2004

    dslr Guest

    dslr, Feb 28, 2004

    silver Guest

    [email protected]:

    Until I seen this I was thinking about buying from you, but now I would
    never do business with such a liar, and con-artist like you.

    silver, Feb 28, 2004

  13. There's an old adage in international marketing: sell in their language,
    buy in yours.

    IMHO, the same goes for currency. If my money (namely: my Canadian dollar)
    isn't good enough for you when you are trying to sell me something in my
    country, you can just keep it in yours.

    If I set out to BUY your product wherever you may live, that's another
    Raffi Balmanoukian, Feb 28, 2004

    HD Guest

    I won't disagree it's frustrating. My point is this company is advertising
    as being a Canadian supplier. Maybe he could have put the Canadian prices
    above or to the side of our prices. Ours is on the bottom in brackets.
    The way it looks to me is we come second and the US prices are more
    important than ours.
    HD, Feb 28, 2004

    Father Guido Guest

    I didn't notice when I looked at their site, but were the US prices
    nice like you'd expect, 44.95 etc. with the Canadian prices just being
    converted from the US prices? If so, it's probably a US company with a
    Toronto website that drop ships to us from the US.
    Father Guido, Feb 29, 2004
  16. Selling in US dollars ends up being more profitible because the exchange
    is not the same both ways. I noticed a lot of companies out of Quebec
    have been selling this way for years. I try to avoid them if they won't
    give me a price in Canadian dollars on the phone. I learned this a
    couple of years ago when I bought a MP3 player from one of them once and
    they actually had a USD credit card transaction machine so on my bill I
    got the Canadian equivelant which was a good 10% higher than what the
    actual US to Canadian exchange rate that day would have been at a bank.
    Chris Phillipo, Feb 29, 2004

    Ian Guest

    This company is way cheaper.
    I have ordered a few batteries from sterlingtek and have no complaints
    Ian, Feb 29, 2004
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