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Discussion in 'UK Photography' started by John Cartmell, Nov 12, 2004.

  1. Trying to keep up with my daughter (owning a Dimage A2), but restricted to
    a budget of half that size, I'm looking at a Fuji S5500 for 250 GBP.
    Alternatives appear to be:
    Minolta Z3 at 280;
    Canon Powershot SI IS at 300;
    Nikon Coolpix 4800 at 300.

    Is the Fuji a good idea in this company or a mistake - and is there
    something else I should be considering? My main concern over the Fuji is
    whether it's big enough for comfortable handling.
    It would be required as a general purpose camera taking pictures of
    anything from the insides of computers (for publication) to Uncle Fred at
    Flossie's Christening - and for wildlife photography.
    John Cartmell, Nov 12, 2004
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  2. John Cartmell

    Liz Guest

    In message <>
    D has an older (discontinued) Fuji which is absolutely fine for its spec.
    If you're concerned about size you'll have to try one with *your* hands -
    we're all different!
    I have no experience with the other cameras you list.
    A bloke on my Galapagos trip had a 4800 specifically for wildlife and is
    pretty well pleased with it. It seems to lend itself very well to
    digiscoping. Two of the pix he took of hummingbirds on the cloud forest
    extension are on a Spanish digiscoping site:
    (these are big files - over 90Kb - which is welcome on this enthusiasts'


    Liz, Nov 12, 2004
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  3. I'm not yet convinced that the A2 is the right size for me (and the S5500
    is even smaller) but I'm now worried that if I handle the A2 too much I may
    *really* get to like it ...

    ... and I *really* can't afford it! ;-)

    Nor that Galapagos trip! ;-((

    Wildlife is going to have to be restricted to foxes and hedgehogs until I
    can afford to save up for those Kiwi piccies...
    John Cartmell, Nov 12, 2004
  4. John Cartmell

    John Bean Guest

    You will, trust me.
    Of course you can, if you want it enough :)
    John Bean, Nov 12, 2004
  5. John Cartmell

    Liz Guest

    In message <>
    Couldn't you do some supply teaching?
    Round here supply teachers are rarer than hen's teeth.
    We nail them down when we find a good one.
    Do a couple of weeks and you're sorted. :)
    We all choose our own priorities.
    I always wanted to travel, ever since I watched Peter Scott's Look progs
    when I was really wee.
    Foxes and hedgehogs are *much* more difficult to do well.
    (Hope you like lying on your stomach!)
    By the time you get to NZ, your skills will be finely honed.

    BTW -
    check the lag times carefully on all your shortlisted cameras.
    Both shutter lag and time from dormant to active.
    This is crucial in wildlife photography and in candids etc.


    Liz, Nov 12, 2004
  6. This isn't helping! ;-)
    My daughter will beat me up if I borrow hers too much...

    ...and my wife will beat me up if I buy one of my own. ;-(

    Unless anyone knows of A2s for sale at under 300 GBP??

    Back to reality - Fuji S5500 or Nikon 4800 or what?
    John Cartmell, Nov 12, 2004
  7. It's just the getting up afterwards that's the problem! Amy's buying stuff
    on a monthly basis but I was surprised at the latest item on her 'camera
    shopping list' after her foray to Kincraig last weekend - waders! Just
    because she doesn't want the odd loch to get in the way of a good angle.
    Thanks for reminding me of that.
    John Cartmell, Nov 12, 2004
  8. On Fri, 12 Nov 2004, John Cartmell wrote:

    JC> Unless anyone knows of A2s for sale at under 300 GBP??
    JC> Back to reality - Fuji S5500 or Nikon 4800 or what?

    Olympus C 770 for £280. Fits the budget, 10 x optical zoom will help
    with the wildlife photography. As with all the others, you'll need at
    least one extra card, say £40 for a 256Mb.


    ( If replying by mail, please note that all "sardines" are canned.
    There is also a password autoresponder but, unless this a very
    old message, a "tuna" will swim right through. )
    Alan Clifford, Nov 13, 2004
  9. I posted recently a recommendation that someone should look at the
    Panasonic FZ3 - I bought one a month ago £280 from Pixmania, and am
    absolutely delighted - especially with the minimal shutter delay. I
    actually got a flying blackheaded gull exactly where I wanted it for a
    composition - and If you've ever tried to get a flying bird you'll know
    the problem! Sounds as if it could be worth looking at.

    (I assume you have read the reviews on

    On the other hand the Fuji 5000 has a higher resolution - I'm still
    delighted with my 3 year old Fuji 6900Z, from which I have some
    excellent A3 sized prints.

    Either way don't forget to allow for a proper sized memory card and a
    spare battery in your budget.

    If you want more objective comments on my two cameras, I'd be happy to
    give them.


    [The reply-to address is valid for 30 days from this posting]
    Michael J Davis
    Some newsgroup contributors appear to have confused
    the meaning of "discussion" with "digression".
    Michael J Davis, Nov 13, 2004
  10. I have indeed. I hadn't really considered the Panasonics as our local shop
    doesn't seem to stock them but I'm going to have to include the FZ3 (and
    FZ15?) in the equation if I can get them within budget.
    Kamera do a good deal with such items included at a reasonable cost.
    many thanks,
    I may come back to you when I've got more details together.
    John Cartmell, Nov 14, 2004
  11. I'd ignored it as I hadn't seen it within £300 but I've now got it at just
    that. It's at the top end but I need to check the specs. I presume the lens
    is rather good! ;-)
    John Cartmell, Nov 14, 2004
  12. Hope they fixed the bugs from the 750/760. Those 2 had strange behaviour
    of autofocus, and produced many bad pictures for no appearent reason -
    even under perfect conditions.
    Povl H. Pedersen, Nov 15, 2004
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