Camera Choice Advice Please -- Unusual Usage

Discussion in 'Digital Cameras' started by JC Morrice, Mar 9, 2005.

  1. JC Morrice

    JC Morrice Guest

    If you take a look at the URL it will give you an idea of the
    requirement and the abuse it will have to take :) Would this erudite NG
    kindly give me some idea of what's suitable for the purpose. Yeah, I
    know, it hasn't been made yet:

    If you peeked, I think you will agree that the camera should be:

    1) Lightweight.
    2) Robust.
    3) Ideally no phallic, protruding lens mechanism (best if fixed).
    4) Wide angled (reasonably).
    5) Able to lock out inactivity timer.
    6) 640x480 preferably.
    7) Useful video format; AVI? Definitely not locked into MOV format!
    8) No lock-in to Apple and its Quicktime :(
    9) fairly cheap.... one day it may not return :(

    I am currently using a ViviCam 3650. The only problem is that the lens
    is a little long in the focal length, and the video is 320x240 and
    possibly not of the first water.

    I bought a CoolPix 4600 and thought I had hit paydirt. The promised
    640x480 turned out to be a cheat done by vertical interlacing. That
    introduces vertical jitter into the vid when there is relative motion
    between camera and subject. The exposure was of disappointing quality
    compared to the ViviCam! Worst of all, the MOV files are locked into
    the proprietary Quicktime software that is supplied. Any means of
    useful editing is denied. The 4600 went back to the shop in disgrace
    (it hadn't flown!) and the owner apologised for what we both thought
    would be a great little camera.

    I wonder if you guys would have any useful suggestions! (yeah, give up
    the hobby) Also, if I have it totally wrong with the CoolPix, could
    kindly you advise, the hardware was excellent!

    JC Morrice, Mar 9, 2005
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  2. JC Morrice

    Destin_FL Guest

    How much weight will the plain accomodate?

    Destin_FL, Mar 10, 2005
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  3. JC Morrice

    Chris D Guest

    Can't help with the question, but I just wanna say...

    Awwww... I Wanna fly again! Been over a year since I got my
    thumbs on the sticks... My Slopie (Advancer 2000) is still not
    fully built, and my powered plane is gathering dust :(

    Wish we had cliffs like that to soar off around here! Got some
    river cliffs, but nothing that nice!

    -Chris D
    Chris D, Mar 10, 2005
  4. JC Morrice

    JC Morrice Guest

    Thanks guys for kind comments.

    Thanks meow. I was aware of that, but I prefer http//
    I have read there about the Aiptek and found it interesting. I was
    casting around further to get other opinion; it's amazing what you can
    find if only you ask!. Am also aware of the Slow Stick scene, but it's
    not really appropriate to here at my location.

    The first vid was shot with my ViviCam as an example of usage. Our
    flying conditions are more like:

    This one was shot with the CoolPix and you can see what concerns me.
    Any suggestions for vid editing suite other than MS Movie Maker?

    JC Morrice, Mar 10, 2005
  5. JC Morrice

    Chris D Guest

    Yes, Electrics are certianly getting better and better! Have a
    few friends that fly them more than glo planes thesedays, I Just
    don't have the time or money to do much with them :(

    -Chris D
    Chris D, Mar 11, 2005
  6. JC Morrice

    JC Morrice Guest

    10) Max weight about a Cannon Powershot A70/A85.
    11) *Not a Cannon because the video cuts out.

    *It appears to be a Cannon decision that on their models you will get 30
    sec max 640x480, or 3 min in low resolution. This is regardless of the
    size of memory card. I rang Cannon HQ(UK) direct and they confirmed

    JC Morrice, Mar 11, 2005
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