Camera Fair in Brisbane 21st May

Discussion in 'Australia Photography' started by Sandy Barrie, May 6, 2006.

  1. Sandy Barrie

    Sandy Barrie Guest

    Cameraholics, the Camera Collectors Club of Queensland (affiliated with
    the Photographic Society of Queensland), Are happy to announce their
    annual Photographic Fair.

    It will be held at the Global Learning Centre, 102 McDonald Rd, Windsor,
    on Sunday, 21 st May, 2006. Open to the Public from 10am, till 2pm.

    To photographic retailers who may have left over stock, outdated or
    short dated film, chemicals of papers, this is the perfect opportunity,
    as the students are always looking for these items.

    To Studios photographers who want to clear out their old film equipment,
    or to digital photographers wanting to try ‘retro’ (film) photography,
    you can buy or sell anything to do with photography at this market…

    The items sold at our fairs have ranged the history of photography from
    the start in the 1840-50’s, all the way up to modern digital equipment.
    And from hard to find accessories, mint condition camera, to broken
    wrecks for parts to help restore some cameras back to working glory.

    The fair carters for almost every field of photography and equipment,
    from film to digital, and even movie cameras, and suits from the
    beginner, to those wanting to sell surplus items, to those wanting to
    trade up to more modern equipment, or those digital photographers who
    want to try going ‘retro’ and want to return to the nostalgic days of
    film again.

    You may even find the rare accessory or nick-knack item you were looking

    Entry $2. Goes directly to charity. Food & drinks also available.

    For further information, or if you may like to book a table, please
    email me at


    Sandy Barrie.
    Ph (07) 3816 0341

    Honorary Life member Australian institute of Professional Photography.
    Valuer of Photography, Federal Dept Arts Sport & Tourism.
    Sandy Barrie, May 6, 2006
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  2. Sandy Barrie

    Bushy Pete Guest

    Great, I'll be there earlier than I was last year!
    Bushy Pete, May 8, 2006
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