camera for less than $200

Discussion in 'Digital Cameras' started by esefers, Jun 28, 2005.

  1. esefers

    esefers Guest

    Hi everyone,

    any recommendations for a reasonably good digital camera under USD 200? I
    don't care much about the size, I want to get the best for around 150 bucks.
    I'm total amateur in photography, need camera for taking vacation pictures.

    Thanks ahead!
    esefers, Jun 28, 2005
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  2. esefers

    ASAAR Guest

    Times change. Several days ago I saw B&H had 1GB Sandisk CF and
    1GB Olympus xD cards for the same price. I didn't check prices on
    any of the smaller sizes so xD may still be a bit more overall, but
    they're not nearly twice the price like they were late last year.
    ASAAR, Jun 28, 2005
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  3. esefers

    Lin Chung Guest

    One approach is to seek out what the Consumer Report says, and use that as
    you starting point for further inquiry.
    "Consumer Reports On Digital Cameras"
    2/3 down the page. So, Fuji FinePix A330 is popular.

    And, it appears to be a safe choice.
    "Digicam Roundup: $150"
    Lin Chung, Jun 28, 2005
  4. esefers

    A.P. Guest

    Hmm... I would stay away from dirt-cheap cams (USD 50)
    They use to have batterypowered 'Static Ram' to hold your pictures, when
    the bat is flat or removed your pic's are gone :-(

    What aboat getting a used cam? Take a look here :

    and you'll see what used 'FujiFinepix S5000' cameraes goes for.
    A.P., Jun 29, 2005
  5. esefers

    Jerome Bigge Guest

    Low buck special: Kodak sells refurbs on their web site. I got
    a 3 megapixel CX7300 (fixed focus, no zoom) for $85. However
    you get what you pay for, and if you can afford more, the two
    choices below would be much better digitals than the Kodak.

    Canon Powershot A400. I see these being sold locally for $149.
    You could search the Internet camera stores for a better price.
    Camera is 3.3 megapixels, has a 2.2x zoom (45-100mm), uses
    SD cards (which seem to becoming more and more common).
    You'll want a charger and NiMH batteries as well as a bigger
    SD card (128 megs). This will be somewhere around the $200
    range, depending upon how good a bargain you can find...

    A better camera to consider is the Minolta Z10 (I have one).
    These are I suspect being discontinued in favor of a five
    megapixel model (Z20) and I just purchased mine from
    Digital Foto Discount Club for $165 (included shipping).
    Minolta claims up to five hundred pictures on standard
    disposable batteries (4AA) so you might not need to buy
    rechargables unless you take a lot of pictures. Camera
    uses SD cards. I purchased mine from Circuit City for
    $20 (plus MI sales tax). Camera offers a lot more than
    the Canon like 8x zoom, SLR type viewing, all sorts of
    "controls", etc. Only negative is that it is the size (not
    the weight) of a small 35mm SLR. Camera shake is a
    problem when you zoom all the way out, I might add...

    As a camera to carry around with you, the Canon A400
    would probably be the best choice. The Minolta would
    be a better choice if the camera isn't going to be carried
    around that much. Not so much due to weight as "bulk".

    Jerome Bigge
    Photographer and Astronomer
    Author of the "Warlady" & "Wartime" series.
    Download at ""
    Jerome Bigge, Jun 29, 2005
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