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Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by Terry Pinnell, Mar 1, 2008.

  1. Can anyone help me isolate this problem please? I use CamStudio 2.00
    for screen captures. In the past I've accepted the default codec,
    'CamStudio Lossless Codev v 1.00' without thinking much about it. I've
    tried DivX a few times, but the quality after import into my editors
    (Magix MEP, Womble) and rendering to DVD MPEG was rather poor.
    Recently I installed a new codec, based on the following advice (can't
    find the origin right now):
    "Use the MSU Screen Capture Lossless Codec as it creates smaller files
    than the Techsmith Screen Capture Codec

    But after using this in Video Options|Compressor, I get the following
    - The immediate playback in CamStudio is corrupted (many coloured
    - Same result when I play it after importing to Magix MEP.
    - Yet it plays fine in VirtualDub. File|Information reports:
    Frame size, fps (us per frame) 1044x662, 25.000 fps (40000 uS)
    Length: 178 frames (0:07.12)
    Decompressor: MSU Screen Capture Lossless Code
    Number of key frames:
    Min/avg/max/total key frame size: 1267172/1267752/1268333 (2477K)
    Min/avg/max/total delta frame size: 0/173/7994 (30K)
    Data rate: 2883 kbps (0.17% overhead)

    - If (without understanding) I use Gspot 'Proposed Codec Solutions and
    Tests', steps 1 & 2, I get the following report, unintelligible to me:

    (Src)-->>--(A)-->[Avi Splitter ]>--(B)-->[VFW:MSU Screen Capture
    Lossless Codec v1.2 ]>--(C)-->[Video Renderer ]
    Failed to create instance of Avi Splitter. CoCreateInstance() failed.
    Error: 0x80040154: [unknown]
    (Src)-->>--(A)-->[DivX Demux ]>--(B)-->[VFW:MSU Screen Capture
    Lossless Codec v1.2 ]>--(C)-->[Video Renderer ]

    Failed to connect Output pin 0x0658419c ("Src Media") on
    Prague1-MSU.avi to input pin 0x065913b4 ("Stream") on filter
    0x03eb6f6d ("DivX Demux").ConnectDirect() failed. Error: 0x80040207:

    (Src)-->>--(A)-->[AVI Splitter ]>--(B)-->[VFW:MSU Screen Capture
    Lossless Codec v1.2 ]>--(C)-->[Video Renderer ]
    Video Render OK. Use [3] to play.

    Here's what Gspot reports:
    --- File Information --- File Name:
    Prague1-MSU.avi File Name (with full path):
    File Size (in bytes): 2,572,800 ---
    Container Information --- Base Type (e.g "AVI"):
    AVI(.AVI) Subtype (e.g "OpenDML"): AVI v1.0,
    Interleave (in ms):
    Preload (in ms):
    Audio alignment("split across interleaves"):
    Total System Bitrate (kbps): 0
    Bytes Missing (if any):
    Number of Audio Streams:
    --- Video Information --- Video Codec Type(e.g. "DIV3"):
    Video Codec Name(e.g. "DivX 3, Low-Motion"): <unknown> Video Codec
    Status(e.g. "Codec Is Installed"): Codec(s) are Installed Duration
    (hh:mm:ss): 0:07.120 Frame Count:
    Frame Width (pixels): 1044
    Frame Height (pixels): 662
    Storage Aspect Ratio("SAR")" 1.577 Pixel Aspect
    Ratio ("PAR"): 1.000 Display Aspect Ratio ("DAR"):
    1.577 Fields Per Second:
    Frames Per Second: 25.000
    Pics Per Second: 25.000
    Video Bitrate (kbps): 2883
    MPEG-4 ("MPEG-4" or ""):
    B-VOP ("B-VOP" or ""):
    QPel ("QPel" or ""):
    GMC ("GMC" or ""):
    NVOP ("NVOP" or ""):
    H264 ("H264" or ""):
    Quality Factor (bits/pixel)/frame: 0.167"
    Any advice would be appreciated please.
    Terry Pinnell, Mar 1, 2008
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