Can anyone tell me when to use palette colors and when to use Web Safe colors...?

Discussion in 'Photoshop' started by viranjali, Nov 28, 2005.

  1. viranjali

    viranjali Guest

    Can anyone tell me when to use palette colors and when to use Web Safe
    viranjali, Nov 28, 2005
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  2. viranjali

    tacit Guest

    When you create a GIF, you want to use Web Safe colors only if you
    believe your Web viewers will be looking on your Web site using antique
    computers with 256-color video cards.

    Back in the day, it was important to try to build Web pages using the
    so-called "Web safe" color palette because most people had graphics
    cards that could only show 256 colors at one time. The "Web safe"
    palette was the set of colors that Netscape Navigator would show in
    common on both Mac and PC systems that had 8-bit graphics cards.

    Today, any computer you buy is going to have a graphics card capable of
    displaying millions of colors at once. For a computer with a modern
    graphics card, the Web safe color palette is not necessary or relevant.
    tacit, Nov 28, 2005
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  3. viranjali

    Mike Russell Guest

    I would add that PDA and phone browsers are becoming more common. If your
    images will be primarily viewed on a handheld computer or cell phone, you
    may want to stick with web safe.
    Mike Russell, Nov 28, 2005
  4. viranjali

    tacit Guest

    Do cell phones and PDAs use the same palette as old Windows and Mac
    systems? I'd be quite surprised if that were the case. More likely, a
    new "PDA-safe" palette would be needed for such devices.
    tacit, Nov 28, 2005
  5. viranjali

    viranjali Guest

    Thanks Tacit & mike russell...
    viranjali, Dec 9, 2005
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