Can convert AVI files to MPEG files

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by Emil Lam, Aug 30, 2003.

  1. Emil Lam

    Emil Lam Guest

    I captured some AVI files with my TV card (video format: RGB24, video
    size: 352x288, audio format: 22,050Hz, 16bit, stereo).

    Then I tried to convert those files to MPEG-2 with below softwares but
    all failed.

    1. MPEG Video Convert ver 3.6, conversion failed & error message
    returned: can't get media information from input file.

    2. TMPGEnc ver 2.5, conversion only successful for audio part but
    failed for video part, error message returned: can't open the avi
    file, or the file format not supported.

    3. Easy AVI converter 2002, conversion failed & error message returned

    Error Code: 04
    The Video Stream in AVI file <file path> cannot be read.

    4. Easy video converter 3.2, conversion successful for audio part

    5. EasyX converter ver 1.1e, conversion failed & error message
    returned specified the .avi file is not a valid media file.

    Obviously, the avi file captured is not compatible with what common
    AVI2MPEG conversion software expects. I would like to know how can I
    check out where the discrepancies are ? My TV capture card vendor was
    not responsive in answering their customers' queries based on my past
    Emil Lam, Aug 30, 2003
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  2. Emil Lam

    Samuel Paik Guest

    I've found that a lot of AVI software doesn't expect really raw video,
    e.g. RGB24, UYVY or YUY2, but need some sort of actual codec in the path.
    I'd suggest loading the file into VirtualDub, and compressing with some
    codec like HuffyUV, MJPEG, or DV.

    As a side note, the native raw format of most capture cards is UYVY or
    YUY2, and RGB24 is basically created by interpolating the UV channels
    and then converting the color space to RGB. RGB24 uses more bits
    than the original native UYVY or YUY2 (in other words, capturing to
    RGB24 is wasteful of disk space).

    VirtualDub: <>
    HuffyUV: <>

    Samuel Paik, Aug 31, 2003
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  3. Emil Lam

    Steve Guest

    Get Bspot from It will tell you what codec's were used and
    if they are installed.
    Steve, Aug 31, 2003
  4. Emil Lam

    Emil Lam Guest

    So how to handle those files already captured with RGB24 ?
    Emil Lam, Aug 31, 2003
  5. Emil Lam

    Samuel Paik Guest

    I said what to do in the first paragraph of my response.

    Get VirtualDub, unpack, possible create a shortcut icon on your desktop.

    Get HuffyUV, MJPEG, or DV codec, install.

    Open video in VirtualDub (drag video to VirtualDub icon
    or start VirtualDub and load video (File->Open video file...)

    Set up to compress video using your installed codec
    (Video->Compression..., select codec, possibly configure;
    select Video->Normal recompress)

    Save video (File->Save as AVI...)


    VirtualDub: Free

    HuffyUV: Free, fast

    Matrox DV codec: Free?, slow

    MainConcept DV codec: $49, fast

    MainConcept MJPEG codec: $19, fast:

    Morgan MJPEG codec: $20, fast, I use this:

    Pegasus Imaging PICVideo MJPEG Codec: $28, fast, used to be popular
    (I think it used to be free for non-commercial use)

    Samuel Paik, Sep 1, 2003
  6. Emil Lam

    Emil Lam Guest

    Is Bspot the full name of the tool ? I couldn't find it at :<
    Emil Lam, Sep 1, 2003
  7. Emil Lam

    Emil Lam Guest

    HuffyUV seemed don't have function to decode already captured AVI
    file. Also, I don't know how to launch it after following the
    instruction to install from .inf file.
    VirtualDub failed to read my AVI files because of below error

    Couldn't locate decompressor for format 'I420' (LifeView YUV12 codec)

    VirtualDub requires a Video for Windows (VFW) compatible codec to
    decompress video. DirectShow codecs, such as those used by Windows
    Media Player, are not suitable.

    Can Adobe Premier help to decode my AVI files ?
    The readme file inside
    contains one line instruction 'To install Huffyuv, right click on
    huffyuv.inf and select "Install."'. However, after I followed the
    instruction, nothing happens - I get no response telling me what has
    been installed. I don't know how to use the installed files.
    This is a software written by German but I don't know how to read
    Downloaded 3 tools

    1) PICVideo codec, this software just installed Motion JPEG, Wavelet
    2000 & Lossless JPEG codecs in my computer. Installation description
    said PICVideo consists of 3 separate codecs, each of which can be
    installed separately and used as either AVI codecs or DirectShow
    Transform Filters.

    2) Pegasus capture studio. This tool is not what I want as it's a
    software to interface with some video device (DV I think) and do the
    capturing. I need a software to read my AVI files then transform them
    to MPEG format.

    3) Pegasus capture pro 3.0. The help file accompanied said that
    CapturePRO interfaces with any video capture device that supports USB,
    FireWire, WDM, or native DirectShow including legacy Video For Windows
    devices. CapturePRO contains managed .NET, COM and VCL components
    (CapturePRO and TwainPRO) that perform image and video acquisition
    from video capture devices. CapturePRO is designed to connect to any
    video capture device that supplies a DirectShow (WDM) device driver.
    Most capture devices currently on the market (video capture cards, PC
    cameras, etc.) supply this type of driver. In addition, legacy Video
    for Windows devices are typically available via a DirectShow WDM / VfW
    translation driver.

    Yet, I found no way to make it open the AVI files for me (the software
    is not for this purpose !!!)
    Emil Lam, Sep 1, 2003
  8. Emil Lam

    Emil Lam Guest

    I've changed my capture software (native one from KWorld MPEG TV)
    setting to use YUV as video format. But up to this moment I haven't
    tried if the mentioned softwares can read the captured files.

    The point is for those previous files captured with RGB24 video
    format, I need at least a software capable to read this before I can
    do further processing (e.g. conversion) on them, right ?
    Emil Lam, Sep 1, 2003
  9. Emil Lam

    Samuel Paik Guest

    HuffyUV gets installed into your system, you don't do anything directly
    with it, you use applications which use it.
    AHA! Now we are getting somewhere! You were incorrect, you are encoding
    using some codec, and what you need it to get that codec installed.

    You may have a DirectShow version of the codec installed, in which case
    you might be able to use TMPGEnc right now. Start TMPGEnc and
    go to Option->Environmental Setting...->VFAPI plug-in, and make sure
    the "AVI2(OpenDML) File Reader" and "AVI VFW compatibility Reader" are
    NOT checked and "DirectShow Multimeida File Reader" is checked. Then
    see if you can load up the video.

    Otherwise, it isn't completely clear the way to go. I'd suggest downloading
    GSpot (someone previously incorrectly referred to it as BSpot) and using
    that to inspect the file. Tell us EVERYTHING it says about the file.
    If you can't load it in VirtualDub, you probably won't be able to load
    it in Premiere.
    You don't have to do anything further. It is a codec. Codecs are
    used by applications when:
    a) You are using some application to compress video using that codec.
    b) You are using some application to decompress video compressed usinig
    that codec, (e.g. play back a video)
    I totally agree, and I did not tell you to donwload Pegaasus Capture Studio
    or Pegasus Capture Pro.

    You really need a short basic education on codecs, but I don't have
    time to do it right now. I've done it before, you can try searching
    for it on the web or on usenet.

    Samuel Paik, Sep 1, 2003
  10. Emil Lam

    Emil Lam Guest

    Some breakthrough. I can use the easy video converter to preview the
    video frame although after conversion (I choose convert to MPEG II) I
    can only make windows media player to play back audio frames. However,
    I clearly saw from easy video converter's status windows that video
    frames were processed & converted.

    Xing mpeg player seemed couldn't decode the file's content as I just
    heard 'gi gi' sound as the converted file being played.


    I found one item I didn't understand.

    I have one media player version installed at my Pentium
    MMX notebook installed with windows 98 version 4.10.2222 A. I found
    this media player couldn't display video frames when played with AVI
    file captured from another PC.

    This 'another PC' has media player version installed at
    Althon 1700+ PC installed with windows ME version 4.90.3000. This PC
    is also where my TV capture being installed.

    Emil Lam, Sep 1, 2003
  11. Emil Lam

    Emil Lam Guest

    AVIEdit tried but as file being loaded, message window popped saying
    that video signal can't be used because vids:YV12 decoder program
    couldn't be found. Conversion not tried because of this (Also, I see
    no MPEG-II option in export format options). Does it mean that AviEdit
    can be used only with YV12 codec ?
    Emil Lam, Sep 1, 2003
  12. Emil Lam

    Emil Lam Guest

    I found one item I didn't understand.

    I have one media player version installed at my Pentium
    MMX notebook installed with windows 98 version 4.10.2222 A. I found
    this media player couldn't display video frames when played with AVI
    file captured from another PC.

    This 'another PC' has media player version installed at
    Althon 1700+ PC installed with windows ME version 4.90.3000. This PC
    is also where my TV capture being installed.

    Why will this happen ?
    Emil Lam, Sep 2, 2003
  13. Emil Lam

    Myles Guest

    Sorry haven't used this program for a while and not familiar with it's
    details but I found the author very helpful
    Myles, Sep 2, 2003
  14. Emil Lam

    Emil Lam Guest


    Do you mean gspot instead of Bspot ?

    gspot downloaded but I don't know how to use it to convert avi file to
    other format file.

    Below is information reported as I use gspot (v2.21) to view the AVI

    File -> Stat field: File length correct (explanation is 'This is a
    valid AFI file ...')

    Video Codec box showed below info:

    4CC: I420/YV12
    Name: RAW I420
    Stat: Codec NOT Installed

    Stream Type and A/V Interleave box showed below info:

    Type: OpenDML AVI
    MRR: n.s.
    I/L: Not supported.

    Audio box showed below info:

    Stream 1 codec

    Name: PCM Audio
    Stat: PCM: No Codec Required

    As I selected 'Export' from Main menu 'Options', a window popped up
    showing me some export setup. Initially options like 'export format' &
    'File setup' are unavailable until I selected 'Enable Exporting'
    checkbox. But even then, I couldn't figure out where could I instruct
    the software to do video format conversion from AVI file to other

    I opened the file ExportFormat.txt in program directory of gspot and
    it showed below content.

    Could I use this file to instruct gspot to do the conversion for me ?
    Or gspot is not a A/V file format converting software ?

    # #######################################################################
    # This is a sample "export format" file. A file such as this can be
    # used to define the content and arrangement of exported data by
    # ticking the "Get Format from File" checkbox in the Export Setup
    # dialog. Lines beginning with a "#" symbol, such as the lines you
    # are reading, are ignored. All other text is reproduced exactly
    # as typed, except when the "%" symbol, followed by another letter, is
    # encountered; in that case the pair of letters is replaced with
    # actual data for the file being examined. Each letter designates the
    # contents of one of the data windows (the exact assignments can be
    # seen in the tooltips for the data windows, or the entire list can be
    # viewed by clicking on "Field Designations" in the Export Setup
    # Currently, the text from any specified window always appears in its
    # entirety, even if it describes several items (#of frames, for
    # is appended to "Runtime"). This limitation may be eliminated in a
    # future version of GSpot.
    # Following is a simple example:
    AVI File Details
    Name.........: %@
    Filesize.....: %B
    Runtime......: %K
    Video Codec..: %F
    Video Bitrate: %I
    Audio Codec..: %L
    Audio Bitrate: %N
    Frame Size...: %H
    Emil Lam, Sep 18, 2003
  15. Emil Lam

    Emil Lam Guest

    I followed LeeBear's "DiVX (AVI) to (S)VCD using DVD2SVCD" guide
    ( and used
    VirtualDub & DVD2SVCD to do the conversion.

    Unfortunately, I was still unable to convert my AVI files.

    To make my problem's description simple, I uploaded my computer screen
    at for reference.

    I followed "step 1) Preparing the AVI files". My AVI files don't have
    multiple segments.

    See avi2vcd1.gif

    I followed the steps 1)a) through 1)d)

    See avi2vcd2.gif & avi2vcd3.gif

    Step 1)e) not followed as I have no movie split need.

    Step "2) DVD2SVCD.... more then just for DVD's" but because of
    different version, the display is slightly different.

    See avi2vcd4.gif

    Step 2)b) followed but I found the 'Go' button was not highlighted.

    See avi2vcd5.gif

    Although steps following 2)c) followed and other settngs. I still
    couldn't made the 'Go' button mentioned at 2)b) avilable. So I
    couldn't start AVI conversion.

    Later, I found the 'Go' button re-appeared if I closed VirtualDub
    before starting DVD2SVCD. However, I found that even the conversion
    seemed run, the software only converted one .wav only i.e. no vidoe
    conversion took place (I found no .mp2 file in my harddisk after

    I would like to know the reason behind.

    Below log files were for your reference:


    The original video framerate of 25.004 is not supported. The framerate
    will be adjusted!
    - 2003/9/21 AM 02:52:14
    - AVI to SVCD Conversion
    - AVI2SVCD ver. 1.2.1 build 2
    - D:\Program Files\GSpot\0918005416.AVI
    Initializing finished.

    - 2003/9/21 AM 02:52:18
    - Free on drive D: 79.94 mb
    - AUDIO Extraction
    Audio extraction finished.

    - 2003/9/21 AM 02:52:23
    - Free on drive D: 79.41 mb
    - AUDIO conversion
    - 2003/9/21 AM 02:52:25
    - Free on drive D: 79.41 mb
    - AUDIO conversion

    Encoding Audio. Filename: D:\Program
    Executing BeSweet. Commandline:
    "D:\Program Files\DVD2SVCD\BeSweet\BeSweet.exe" -core( -input
    "D:\Program Files\DVD2SVCD\Movie\Extracted_audio_1.wav" -output
    "D:\PROGRA~1\DVD2SVCD\MOVIE\Encoded_audio_1.mp2" -logfile
    "D:\PROGRA~1\DVD2SVCD\MOVIE\Encoded_audio_1.log" ) -ota( -g max -r
    25004 25000 ) -shibatch( --rate 44100 ) -2lame( -e -b 192 -m s )
    Audio conversion of D:\Program
    Files\DVD2SVCD\Movie\Extracted_audio_1.wav finished.

    Audio conversion finished.

    - 2003/9/21 AM 02:52:37
    - Free on drive D: 79.38 mb
    - Converting Pictures
    Converting: D:\Program Files\DVD2SVCD\DefaultTitlepicture.bmp
    Converting: D:\Program Files\DVD2SVCD\DefaultChangeCD.bmp
    Finished converting pictures
    - 2003/9/21 AM 02:52:54
    - Free on drive D: 78.31 mb
    - Video Encoding using Cinema Craft

    Executing Cinema Craft Encoder.
    StreamSectors: 770491988
    AudioSectors: 276556
    VideoPAPO: 11931048
    ScanOffsetBytes: 190
    SeqAligningBytes: 12050
    DVDBytes: 0
    VideoEndHeader: 4
    SubtitleSectors: 0
    EmptySectors: 238.00
    PictureSectors: 300.00
    PureMPEGStream: 758272140.27
    Seconds: 11.32
    CalcMPEGStream: 758272140.27
    Frames: 158
    CDSize: 740.00
    Number of CDs: 1
    Cut point 735.00
    Variable Settings:
    Frames: 158
    Anti Noise Filter: Off
    Passes: 4
    Image Quality: 17
    VAF file creation: On
    Video Encoding Mode: Multipass VBR
    Min. bitrate: 300
    Max. bitrate: 2530
    Avg. Bitrate: 2230
    Aspect Ratio: 4:3 (No borders, encoded as 4:3)

    ---AVS Begin---
    Import("D:\Program Files\DVD2SVCD\Movie\ResampleAudio.avs")
    ----AVS End----

    The original video framerate of 25.004 is not supported. The framerate
    will be adjusted!


    BeSweet v1.5b19 by DSPguru.
    Using Shibatch.dll v0.24 by Naoki Shibata & DSPguru
    Using MP2enc.dll v1.129 (23/5/2002), Engine 1.129

    Logging start : 09/21/03 , 02:52:32.

    D:\Program Files\DVD2SVCD\BeSweet\BeSweet.exe -core( -input D:\Program
    Files\DVD2SVCD\Movie\Extracted_audio_1.wav -output
    D:\PROGRA~1\DVD2SVCD\MOVIE\Encoded_audio_1.mp2 -logfile
    D:\PROGRA~1\DVD2SVCD\MOVIE\Encoded_audio_1.log ) -ota( -g max -r 25004
    25000 ) -shibatch( --rate 44100 ) -2lame( -e -b 192 -m s )

    [00:00:00:000] +------- BeSweet -----
    [00:00:00:000] | Input : D:\Program
    [00:00:00:000] | Output:
    [00:00:00:000] | Floating-Point Process: Yes
    Error 46: Invalid combination between SSRC values & FRC values.
    [00:00:00:000] Conversion Completed !

    Logging ends : 09/21/03 , 02:52:32.

    <<Other files under DVD2SVCD directory>>

    Volume in drive D is DDRIVE
    Volume Serial Number is 3649-09E2
    Directory of D:\Program Files\DVD2SVCD\Movie

    .. <DIR> 09-20-03 12:43 .
    ... <DIR> 09-20-03 12:43 ..
    RESAMP~1 AVS 105 09-21-03 2:52 ResampleAudio.avs
    DVD2SVCD INI 8,541 09-21-03 2:53 DVD2SVCD.INI
    DVD2SV~1 D2S 3,229 09-21-03 2:53 dvd2svcd project file.d2s
    DVD2SV~1 TXT 3,181 09-21-03 3:09 dvd2svcd_log.txt
    EXTRAC~1 WAV 529,244 09-21-03 2:52 Extracted_audio_1.wav
    ENCODE~1 LOG 1,031 09-21-03 2:52 Encoded_audio_1.log
    TITLEP~1 BMP 172,854 09-21-03 2:52 TitlePicture.bmp
    TITLEP~1 AVS 281 09-21-03 2:53 TitlePicture.bmp.avs
    CHANGE~1 BMP 829,494 09-21-03 2:52 ChangeCDPicture.bmp
    CHANGE~1 AVS 280 09-21-03 2:53 ChangeCDPicture.bmp.avs
    INTRA MTR 208 09-21-03 2:52
    NON-IN~1 MTR 208 09-21-03 2:52
    AVISYN~1 AVS 295 09-21-03 2:53 AviSynth_Script_file.avs
    CCE_PR~1 ECL 3,434 09-21-03 2:53 CCE_Project_file.ecl
    TITLEP~1 MPV 0 09-21-03 2:53 TitlePicture.bmp.mpv
    TITLEP~1 VAF 37,888 09-21-03 2:53 TitlePicture.bmp.vaf
    16 file(s) 1,590,273 bytes
    2 dir(s) 81,854,464 bytes free
    Emil Lam, Sep 20, 2003
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