Can I buy a Digital Camera in Japan Cheaper

Discussion in 'Australia Photography' started by KAZU, Oct 4, 2003.

  1. KAZU

    KAZU Guest

    Hi guys, I am off to Tokyo in a few weeks.
    I was wondering, can I buy a digital camera much cheaper than here in

    I am told Akihabra is the place to go for cheap electronics.

    Also will the warranty be ok here in Australia ?
    Thanks for any advice.

    Cheers, Kazu
    KAZU, Oct 4, 2003
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  2. KAZU

    Obake Guest

    (crap, wrote a long reply and the newsreader crashed when i pressed send.
    heres a shortened version)

    cameras aren't that much cheaper over there. here's a few links with an
    indication of prices:

    i did a quick search for the canon eos kiss digital aka 300d and its about
    $1800, $1600 if you pay cash and they sell duty free. thats another thing,
    most stores will accept CC but a lot of small stores don't. get your money
    exchanged here in aust. its really expensive over there, and the queues at
    the airport exchange are always long.

    akihabra is cheap because they sell cheap crappy stuff. its like their
    version of china town markets. there are some large chain stores there
    (biccamera, yodobashi, sakuraya, etc) but they sell the same stuff at the same
    price anywhere in japan. i was located in saitama and took a 3hour train trip
    to find this out. but it was a good experience to go there :)

    and ask about 'point cards' at the above mentioned chain stores. they give
    you usually around 10% points on your initial purchase. you can accumulate
    these points or use them as credit on your next purchase. say you bought a
    camera, tripod and lense that totals 50000yen. they'll give you 5000 points
    that you can use to buy a filter or remote switch, etc.

    most cameras will not carry international warranty. check here before
    leaving. phone up the service department and ask them if the camera you
    bought will be serviced here under warranty.

    have fun, and be careful in the porn shops :)
    Obake, Oct 5, 2003
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  3. KAZU

    SLJ Guest

    If ya physically over in Japan, have a browse around for second-hand stuff.
    I heard those so-call second-hand items are mostly 90-99% new condition. It
    is assumed that Japs are pretty honest in general, don't have to worry much
    on buying over-priced or doggy stuff.

    SLJ, Oct 5, 2003
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