Can no longer capture video with Sony camcorder to Win98Se machine

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by David, Aug 22, 2004.

  1. David

    David Guest

    About 4 years ago I got a a Sony TRV310 and was able to
    capture and output video to VideoWave 2. I upgraded to
    VideoWave 4 shortly thereafter. Still no problem, on a
    Compaq Windows SE pc. A couple months ago I had to
    reinstall the OS due to a hard drive crash. Same OS, and
    patched Windows with windows update, Direct X drivers 9.x.
    Reinstalled VideoWave a week ago and initially no joy.
    After spending 4 hours following various instructions on the
    net for solving the problem, I replaced the TI firewire
    driver with the Standard driver and finally was able to
    capture video AND the Sony worked fine as a webcam in Yahoo

    The next morning all was working fine for a short time and
    then, BANG, I got a "System Halted" message (first ever) and
    when I restarted, the camera wasn't recognized by Yahoo or
    VideoWave. Several hours later, I got it working again, but
    can't explain the process, other than stumbling through
    device manager a zillion times trying to keep the TI driver
    from reinserting itself. So once again I got Yahoo and
    VideoWave to work.

    A day later, while chatting with my son on Yahoo Messenger,
    I told him I finally got my camcorder to function as a
    webcam. I clicked on the Webcam icon in Yahoo, and once
    again, NO JOY!

    I've reviewed literally hundreds of messages at Roxio but
    VideoWave 4 is old so not much is mentioned re: Windows 98SE
    issues with VW4.

    Currently I've got the standard OHCI IEEE1394 driver
    running, and also DV Camera and VR shows up in Device
    Manager, Sound, Video & Game Controllers. Days ago, the
    camcorder showed up as both Image Devices and Network
    Adapters (while it worked). Yesterday, while it WASN'T able
    to capture, it also showed up as Image Devices and Network
    Adapters. I can't figure out what causes Win98 to sometimes
    see the camera as different devices.

    I've renamed 3 files in Windows/inf: DVCAM.INF, DVCAM.PNF,
    DVCAM.SYS as suggested by a Roxio message that I followed
    the day I got this sucker to work. I've tried to get the
    camera to work with and without these file renamed. I've
    uninstalled and reinstalled VW4.

    The crazy thing about all this is that it used to work
    several years ago on the same machine. AND after several
    hours of putzing around, I've gotten it to work in both
    programs for a short time and then it blows up again.

    Today I also tried to get the camera to work with a similar
    but not identical model Compaq with Win98SE. It didn't work
    in Yahoo as a webcam. I did not want to complicate the
    software load on that pc by loading VW4. The firewire
    driver was the standard one; not the Texas Instruments
    driver that seems to be widely known to cause problems with
    capturing video.

    oh, one more thing that I did, in following the roxio
    knowledge base message 208MGIH1: I ran 25264un.inf that runs
    some sort of uninstall procedure. That was a portion of the
    procedure to get capture to work WITH TI drivers instead of
    the method outlined for running WITHOUT the TI drivers.

    I hate to think the only solution is to buy a new XP pc.

    Any tips for getting Win98SE to capture video nowadays?

    BTW, by leaving the tape out of the camcorder, I can get it
    to function as a webcam without shutting down every x
    minutes (when it works at all, that is).

    David, Aug 22, 2004
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