Cannot see VCR with Ati 128 all-in-wonder (32 Bit)

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by Felix Yee, Nov 1, 2003.

  1. Felix Yee

    Felix Yee Guest

    Hi: My computer system is Pentium III 500 wih Window 98SE. It is my
    work station and entertainment centre. I use a Ati 128 all-in-wonder
    to see VCR, VCD and DVD. It used to work well. However, when I have
    upgraded its driver (the latest and final version in July 2001 and is
    recommanded by Ati) from the Ati website and the XDirect driver to 9.0
    version from MS's website three months ago I cannot see VCR with the
    all-in-wonder again. Hoping to restall the origional video driver, I
    reloaded my Window 98SE and Ati 128 all-in-wonder 's files with their
    original CD ROMs but retained the new file names (it was recommanded
    by the dowload instruction).

    When I activated the TV module in the 128 all-in-wonder to see VCR, a
    message from the TV module said the following: AMC peripherial not
    found; AMC peripherial or cabling may be improperlyinstalled; the TV
    player failed to initialize the video; ensure the connect videofrivers
    have been installed and close any applications which may be playing
    video before attemping to restart TV. I checked all the connections
    between the VCR and the all-in-wonder. They were properly connected.
    Now I can only see VCD and DVD with my computer. I have done all I
    know to recover that fuction but i fail. Dose the new Ati Driver
    support the origional 128 all-in- wonder TV module? Did I do
    something Wrong? Please give me a solution to recover the
    all-in-wonder TV module. Thank you very much.
    Felix Yee, Nov 1, 2003
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  2. Felix Yee

    Felix Yee Guest

    Felix Yee, Nov 3, 2003
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