Canon 10D low light autofocus problems?

Discussion in 'Canon' started by Bernd, Nov 17, 2003.

  1. Bernd

    Bernd Guest


    That was a nightmare LOL... was around a low light environment (a sparely
    lit stage) and my 10D was refusing to focus - both with a Sigma EX 17-35 and
    Tamron XR DI 28-75 lens. Had my 420EX flash mounted, so the built-in flash
    did not care to come out and assist (as it does on my EOS33). Is there
    something I might have overlooked?

    Bernd, Nov 17, 2003
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  2. Bernd

    dslr Guest

    Doesn't the 420EX do AF assist, then?
    dslr, Nov 17, 2003
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  3. Bernd

    Mark C Guest

    At times, I have found it necessary to switch to manual focus in low light
    situations even when I am using my canon 550 speed light.

    mark c
    nashville, tn
    Mark C, Nov 17, 2003
  4. if the 420EX didn't assist, check the custom settings (no 5)of de 10D. It
    is possible to disable the focus assist


    marco van den broek, Nov 17, 2003
  5. Bernd

    Mark M Guest

    My 10D actually aoutperforms my EOS 3 film body when it comes to AF in low
    Now THAT's good.

    Your 420 EX should be projecting a red pattern for your camera to focus
    on...but you've got to have the thing turned on... :)
    If you had the 550EX, you could tell it to ONLY use the focus assist with no
    actual flash...
    Mark M, Nov 18, 2003
  6. Bernd

    Obake Guest

    with the 550ex and 10D it is possible to turn off the focus assist lamp using
    custom functions (CF5). and the focus lamp will not illuminate if in AI Servo
    focus mode or while using the top or bottom focus points (in landscape, if in
    portrait it will be the left and right focus points).
    Obake, Nov 18, 2003
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