Canon 40D vs Canon 450D (XSi)

Discussion in 'Canon' started by measekite, Jun 12, 2008.

  1. measekite

    measekite Guest

    Using the same lens; lets say the 18-85mm IS Canon lens.

    Forget about weight and durability.

    Which will produce the best image quality or would they be about the same?

    What are the advantages of the 450D other than a cheaper price which is

    What are the advantages of the 40D other than better seals?

    There is a big difference in price between these camera and the cheapest
    full frame Canon, the 5D soon to be replaced. We also know that the
    EF-S lenses will not work on a full frame.

    With that in mind, and no moderately price full frame camera announced
    and not trend to see would it be more prudent to purchase EF-S lenses
    that are smaller, lighter and less expensive than the EF counterpart or
    pay more for the lens and carry around more size and weight as insurance
    that there soon will be a less expensive full frame that the
    5D/replacement or in the event that the small sensor DSLRs will soon
    disappear and give way to only full frame?

    In the film world there was a complete lineup of full frame SLR but they
    all took the same film and lenses.
    measekite, Jun 12, 2008
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  2. measekite

    Jufi Guest

    Different formats, different cameras, different reasons for choosing one
    over the other. The 40D is faster with a better AF system and better high
    ISO performance. And more durable. Different beasts for different uses.

    The 5D will be replaced, eventually, but that doesn't mean you'll need to
    move from sub-frame, nor does it mean that you'll need to do anything. Your
    equipment will continue to function as it did when you purchased it. So,
    with that in mind, here's my answer:

    If you want to save size and weight, go sub-frame and don't worry about EF-S
    lenses becoming obsolete. They won't. Sub-frame cameras are here to stay,
    and will present a smaller and lighter alternative to FF cams. The only
    reason NOT to buy sub-frame is if you want or need something that you can
    get only in a FF cam. So get the smaller cam if it suits your needs and
    don't worry about it.
    Jufi, Jun 12, 2008
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  3. I had the same question back when the 20D and the 350 XT were newish.
    Hi All:

    The main difference for me between the 2 cameras is the viewfinder and the
    reason I bought the 40D over any of the lower priced Canon cameras.
    The 40D has a pentaprism all the others have pentamirror. To me the
    brightness and clarity of the 40D is all over the digital rebel series
    Of course I like some of the other features of the 40D but the viewfinder
    made me plunk my credit card down.

    John Passaneau
    John Passaneau, Jun 13, 2008
  4. measekite

    SamSez Guest

    because of the live view feature?
    SamSez, Jun 14, 2008
  5. measekite

    Jeannie Guest

    Sure, but the 40D also has Live View.

    One criterion, two criteria. The singular is criterion. Funny, huh?

    Jeannie, Jun 14, 2008
  6. That's because it's a greek word.
    Tzortzakakis Dimitrios, Jun 14, 2008
  7. measekite

    measekite Guest

    Yes but to make live view really effective don't you think that Canon
    should offer an articulating LCD like on the S5?
    measekite, Jun 20, 2008
  8. measekite

    SamSez Guest

    one more thing to break
    SamSez, Jun 21, 2008
  9. measekite

    measekite Guest

    I use mine on the S5. It appears to be very effective, reliable and sturdy.
    measekite, Jun 21, 2008
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