Canon 450D question

Discussion in 'Canon' started by Atheist Chaplain, Aug 12, 2008.

  1. Sorry forgot Noons can't handle replies so attacks people and
    does follow ups to other groups so he doesn't see the reply then brags
    in the original group the one he attacked had no come back.

    This wog posts sneaky pictures of down his daughters top of websites
    Harold Hughes, Aug 14, 2008
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  2. Atheist Chaplain

    Noons Guest

    Harold Hughes wrote,on my timestamp of 15/08/2008 12:58 AM:
    a complete moron:
    can't even figure out a reply....

    do I brag of no come back? Where?
    ah yes: another lie.

    uh? mind writing that in the Queen's language,
    you stupid bogan?

    judging by your English skills, you just got out
    of pre-school.

    Exactly where that one is.

    Yours of course, nowhere to be seen: is
    that what they call a "virtual photographer"?
    it's "junkie", bogan!
    just quoting so you can't deny...
    sure. then why after calling me on it are you
    weaseling out?
    sure. hope so

    you spell with your prick?
    all is explained!

    why? because you're a no show after
    asking to name the place and time?

    I can see already your no show.
    ah well, another gutless wonder troll:
    what else can be expected of
    seeya at the park, numbnuts
    Noons, Aug 14, 2008
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  3. Atheist Chaplain

    ^Tems^ Guest

    Why has Doggy replied to a heap of other posts since this one but not
    this one?

    He must think if he ignores his ****-ups and lies everyone else will
    forget about them.
    ^Tems^, Aug 15, 2008
  4. Atheist Chaplain

    ^Tems^ Guest

    Look what I found hiding in another group

    They are kit lenses now, they weren't before the 40d but they are now.

    Why didn't you mention your stuff up in saying it was an FF lens
    ^Tems^, Aug 15, 2008
  5. Atheist Chaplain

    ^Tems^ Guest

    Poor Doggy, proved wrong YET AGAIN
    I have just been on the phone telling them they printed the wrong
    letters on the front of the lens I *claim* to have.

    Not sure about anyone else but it sure looks like 28 - 135 EF to me

    Keep plugging away Doggy, one day you may actually be right in one of
    your posts.

    I have just posted a picture of *your* ingorance.

    Must suck to be you, not just now but all the time.
    ^Tems^, Aug 15, 2008
  6. that would be the one :)
    sadly the point value has diminished somewhat for catching out a D-Mac sock
    or pointing out his mistakes :)
    Doesn't mean I wont try and accumulate points, just that it will take longer
    to get enough for a Cigar now :)
    Atheist Chaplain, Aug 15, 2008
  7. Atheist Chaplain

    ^Tems^ Guest

    You know where I live.
    Heck take the camera for a trip over as long as I get a copy of the photos.
    ^Tems^, Aug 15, 2008
  8. I might just take you up on that :)
    Just paid for the flights to and from Perth the other day, I'm beginning to
    wonder if the Corolla would use $1200 worth of fuel driving there and back
    even with accommodation it should come in for less than that, oh well, its
    only money.
    I was looking to buy Kelpies 20D when he was selling it, but I would have
    then had to spend up on lens's and sundries as well :)
    The 450 is probably punching above my weight but I can pick up one with the
    18-55 kit lens for $900 with Au warranty and I can build a collection of
    lenses over time and as my skill increases (hopefully) ;-)
    Atheist Chaplain, Aug 15, 2008
  9. Atheist Chaplain

    ^Tems^ Guest

    The au warranty is a must I have found out

    A friend has a 40d she got from B&H in New York and the shutter went on
    it so she sent it to sydney, $51 for the part $380 to install,
    she contacted Canon USA about warranty they don;t accept international
    parcels, she contacted B&H about forwarding no such luck.

    So what she saved by buying OS she has now paid to have it fixed.
    As she has a part time portrait business the 3 weeks for Canon to look
    at it knocked her around so she has had mine the last 3 weekends but she
    bought a new one yesterday.

    I am not sure about the 450d but I prefered the 400d over the 40d.

    The 400d was alot more user friendly.
    ^Tems^, Aug 15, 2008
  10. What is all this squabbling really about?

    I have been reading for a year or two now, don't bother posting much as the
    only people who tend to reply are the trolls like you.

    I have seen all the images D-Mac posts and *NONE* of them is anything that
    can even be remotely regarded as improper. The only pictures that I have
    seen of his daughter is of a young lass who hasn't GOT a top yet, she is
    too young. Only someone who truly is a paedophile could regard such a photo
    as sexual. Are you the real paedophile in this little name calling contest?

    Auntie Establishment, Aug 15, 2008
  11. Atheist Chaplain

    D-Mac Guest

    He's not talking about me Auntie. He's raving on about noons who posted
    a pretty innocent picture of his daughter doing her homework. The trolls
    and stalkers went to work on him for it and haven't let up.
    D-Mac, Aug 15, 2008

  12. Sorry, my error, I meant to write Noons it was Noons I was thinking about
    and referring to, but had been thinking about both yourself and Noons, for
    some reason the pack seems to be after you both. I used the wrong name.

    Auntie Establishment, Aug 15, 2008
  13. and that's why I steer clear of this argument. no one is going to be a
    Atheist Chaplain, Aug 15, 2008
  14. Atheist Chaplain

    Noons Guest

    D-Mac wrote,on my timestamp of 15/08/2008 7:03 PM:
    You really can't get it, can you, D-Mac.
    I did NOT post ANY picture.
    Brett the PEDOPHILE CHILD-ABUSER Douglas did,
    after stealing it from my gallery.
    Got it, diddums? Or are you trying for stupid arse
    as well?
    Noons, Aug 15, 2008
  15. Atheist Chaplain

    Noons Guest

    Auntie Establishment wrote,on my timestamp of 15/08/2008 4:55 PM:
    You must be totally daft.

    You got that right.

    Can you comprehend that neither D-Mac nor I posted the picture
    in question? It's Bret PEDOPHILE CHILD-ABUSER Douglas who
    posted it? And even kept it in his - now cancelled - aol
    account. Why do you think that account was immediately
    cancelled? Let me see: because aol found nothing to matter
    in his little troll archive stash?

    Amazing: you must be a genius to have taken all this time
    to deduct such an obvious conclusion!
    Someone like Bret PEDOPHILE CHILD-ABUSER Douglas?
    Of course, but then again you must listen to his
    defender Helen, who thinks she's entitled to have
    her arse shown to the world first...
    He is that too, besides being a gutless wonder
    incapable of following through on his claims of physical
    retribution. Just ignore him: a gutless script kiddie.

    The real one is Bret PEDOPHILE CHILD-ABUSER Douglas.
    Noons, Aug 15, 2008
  16. No, you must be totally daft. She was being supportive of you. Read her
    next post, made well before you posted this.

    Cal I Fornicate, Aug 15, 2008
  17. Atheist Chaplain

    Noons Guest

    Cal I Fornicate wrote,on my timestamp of 15/08/2008 10:07 PM:
    WTF cares who she was being supportive of,
    you pisshead? D-Mac and I are not the same
    person. We've never met and never will
    and I don't give a crap what he does or says or
    posts or thinks. Got it?
    Only a deranged twit from these demented
    and twisted newsgroups could confuse me with
    And anyway: who died and promoted you to
    "defender of the troll", you dipshit?
    Noons, Aug 15, 2008
  18. Atheist Chaplain

    Noons Guest

    Atheist Chaplain wrote,on my timestamp of 15/08/2008 8:43 PM:
    or any other argument that shows your "heros"
    for the criminals they are, isn't it?
    and why are you continuing the cross-posting?
    ah let me see: you're steering clear. right...
    Noons, Aug 15, 2008
  19. Atheist Chaplain

    Noons Guest

    Speak the Queen's language, fuckwit.
    Noons, Aug 15, 2008
  20. Atheist Chaplain

    Noons Guest

    Noons wrote,on my timestamp of 15/08/2008 10:42 PM:

    Cripes! It only took you three years to find
    the correct language? Miserable stupid poof...
    Noons, Aug 15, 2008
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