Canon 50D Focus Problem

Discussion in 'Canon' started by Sheila, Dec 26, 2008.

  1. Sheila

    Sheila Guest

    My husband got a Canon 50D and I got a Canon D10 for Christmas.

    His 50D will not take a sharp focus at 100% not matter what he or I try.
    My G10 does take very sharp photos at 100%. Does anyone have any ideas
    or is the 50D just a piece of junk?
    Sheila, Dec 26, 2008
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  2. Sheila

    J. Clarke Guest

    What do you mean vy "at 100%"?
    J. Clarke, Dec 26, 2008
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  3. Sheila

    Sheila Guest

    When you view the photo at 100% of its size.
    Sheila, Dec 26, 2008
  4. Sheila

    eatmorepies Guest

    My 50D takes very sharp photos - I do use expensive lenses though. They
    don't look as sharp on the camera screen as they do on the monitor, but you
    soon get used to what good focus looks like on the camera screen. Also - do
    use the focus calibration provision; I had to set 2 L lenses off zero to get

    eatmorepies, Dec 26, 2008
  5. Sheila

    Sheila Guest

    Thanks everyone, lens calibration took care of the problem.
    Sheila, Dec 26, 2008
  6. Sheila

    Sheila Guest

    Do a search on google search for the eos 50D AF microadjustment.

    In the manual for the 50D pg 180 describes how to do an AF Microadjustment.

    Sheila, Dec 28, 2008
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