Canon 50mm f1.8???

Discussion in 'Canon' started by jazu, Dec 14, 2007.

  1. Ok ...
    Ok ...
    Wellll ... ok, if you say so ...
    What about viewing distance?
    Isn't there a "not" too much?
    Again, viewing distance.

    But it does not explain my question!

    - I take a 50mm lens, focussed on 10 meters, aperture f/4.
    I fixate the lens, so changing cameras will not move it at all.
    I use an imobile, unchanging object to shoot, say architecture.
    - I use the lens with a 20D (1.6x crop camera), shoot one image.
    - I use the lens with a 5D (full frame camera), shoot one image.

    - I print the shot from the 20D as a 4x6.
    - I trim down the 5D image to the same 1.6x crop (removing
    37.5% from of the outer part). The rest I print as a 4x6.

    I claim that both prints are identical:
    * exactly same FOV
    * exactly same DOF
    * practically same resolution (that's where the pixels come in)

    /You/ seem to claim that the trimmed down 5D image has less DOF:
    "It is this last part of blowing the negative up that decreases
    the depth of field." Or am I misreading you?

    Wolfgang Weisselberg, Dec 22, 2007
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