Canon 5D announced !

Discussion in 'Canon' started by Maurice Blanchard, Sep 17, 2008.

  1. Maurice Blanchard

    Noons Guest

    Annika1980 wrote,on my timestamp of 26/09/2008 2:03 AM:
    Could be just a crap camera?
    No. ALL sample photos in dpreview so far are crap.
    Try downloading the originals, instead of trying
    to delude yourself.
    Really? So why is the front of the cap sharp and the back sharp
    but the letters crap? Oh, yeah: he turned only the letters?

    And nothing else in that area of the boat? Must
    be that time warp thing again...

    Didn't watch it:
    1- it's in Quicktime 7, which requires Win XP SP2
    and I refuse to install m$'s DRM.
    2- I'm interested in photography, not video.
    Tried video years ago, both SVHS and mini-DV:
    not my cuppa.
    Noons, Sep 29, 2008
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  2. Maurice Blanchard

    Guest Guest

    it's often discussed on dpreview's forums and chuck westfall confirms:

    When a Canon EF lens is mounted to an EOS camera, a variable exposure
    compensation factor (a program curve, not just a fixed compensation
    factor) for this phenomenon is fed through the system in order to
    provide correct metering for all apertures. However, when using a
    non-coupled manual diaphragm lens as you describe, no such
    communication takes place, so the responsibility for exposure
    compensation reverts to you. It's unnecessary to use an external meter.
    Instead, you can take a series of test shots at the working aperture(s)
    you plan to use, then analyze the test photos to determine the most
    desirable exposure compensation factor for each aperture.
    Guest, Sep 29, 2008
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  3. Maurice Blanchard

    Noons Guest

    Scott W wrote,on my timestamp of 26/09/2008 5:36 AM:
    Scott, do you understand basic English?
    Here is a basic phrase even you might be able to understand:
    your "downsize/upsize" "technique" to determine level
    of detail is a LOAD OF CRAP!
    There, is that clear?

    You simply CANNOT make ANY assumptions about detail
    by downsizing/upsizing a jpg which you have
    NO CLUE at what level of detail was saved.

    Got it, or do you want to continue to embarass
    yourself with idiotic claims?
    STOP the misinformation, Scott!
    My images are "soft" because unlike yours they are
    published at FULL resolution and unsharpened,
    not the downressed oversharpened crap you claim is
    "full of detail" just because it appears sharp.

    NO digital image, regardless of the sensor used,
    is sharp at full rez. That is a direct consequence
    of the Bayer interpolation, the alias filter and
    the de-mosaic routines that must be applied to the
    original mush. That is also why EVERY digital
    image MUST be sharpened.

    No, Scott: that is NOT a "sharp jpg".
    That is a FABRICATED image, a modified original,
    which is all you are capable of producing when
    asked for proof.
    What quality was the original created with?
    What quality was mine created with?

    Oh yes it does! Get this: jpg uses LOSSY compression.
    Know what that means? Here is some basic
    English: LOSSY means it has LOST something.
    What do you think it has lost, Scott?
    Noons, Sep 29, 2008
  4. Maurice Blanchard

    Annika1980 Guest

    Well, you'll be happy to know that Laforet says the 5DII produces the
    best high-ISO shots he's ever seen.

    Here are some actual samples:
    Annika1980, Sep 29, 2008
  5. Maurice Blanchard

    Noons Guest

    Annika1980 wrote,on my timestamp of 30/09/2008 1:12 AM:
    He's never used anything but Canon, has he?

    That's more like it!
    How come this Laforet bloke is the
    only one capable of taking reasonable shots
    with the 5d2? And what happened with the
    girl's dress in focus but the face clearly soft?
    Another "boat" shot?
    Still a lot of unknowns there, but getting
    Noons, Sep 29, 2008
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