canon 5dii macro video ?

Discussion in 'Canon' started by MeaningWhat, May 27, 2009.

  1. MeaningWhat

    MeaningWhat Guest

    i was wondering if anyone has experience with using the 5dii for macro
    photography and shooting macro videos ?

    MeaningWhat, May 27, 2009
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  2. MeaningWhat

    DMac Guest

    Depth of fiend of less than 1mm and no ability to focus whilst shooting
    just about guarantees disaster with what you suggest.
    DMac, May 27, 2009
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  3. MeaningWhat

    Wilba Guest

    Focus by moving the camera, like any other macro situation.
    Wilba, May 28, 2009
  4. MeaningWhat

    Me Guest

    With the reduced resolution of 1080p, the system isn't diffraction
    limited at very small apertures (as it would be with a 300 pixel per
    inch print viewed close, based on full sensor pixel density) Image
    quality should still be okay at f32 if the lens stops down that far.
    It might be okay. Then again I haven't seen any amateur video from any
    dslr that's been okay (in my opinion) yet. At best, it's been mildly
    Me, May 28, 2009
  5. MeaningWhat

    DMac Guest

    Don't be silly Wilba.
    Have you ever seen a macro video where the camera has moved? Not nice
    stuff Wilba and just moving the camera isn't going to do much when you
    can't see changes in the focus distance of half to one millimetre before
    the whole thing is out of focus.

    It would take some skill predicting focus. The whole idea of a movie is
    that something moves! Using a focusing rail to adjust focus sounds good
    in theory... Why don't you try it?
    DMac, May 28, 2009
  6. MeaningWhat

    Not Given Guest

    Isn't it better just to shoot with a video camera, than a lumpy still camera
    that does poor video?
    Not Given, May 28, 2009
  7. MeaningWhat

    Not Given Guest

    ----- Original Message -----
    From: "abo mahab" <>
    Sent: Thursday, May 28, 2009 8:42 AM
    Subject: Re: canon 5dii macro video ?
    Science versus fiction of the Quran!
    Wrong group, try alt.religion.zealot, or alt.brainwashed
    I don't think a Canon 5DmkII in macro video will record this event.

    So to record this event, would a CMOS or CCD dSLR be better? Canon or
    Nikon??? Or should I break out my old Hasselblad 500 C/M and go for the
    greater dynamic range?
    Not Given, May 28, 2009
  8. MeaningWhat

    MeaningWhat Guest

    why do you have no ability to focus while shooting?

    do you know what the difference between a video camera and the 5mkii is
    when it comes to macro? i thought that depth of field is dependent on
    focal length, subject distance and aperture. so video cameras have to
    cope with the same problems. do you know how they solve the problem?

    MeaningWhat, May 28, 2009
  9. MeaningWhat

    MeaningWhat Guest

    MeaningWhat, May 28, 2009
  10. MeaningWhat

    MeaningWhat Guest

    why is that? what are the advantages of a video camera when it comes to

    MeaningWhat, May 28, 2009
  11. MeaningWhat

    Not Given Guest

    You are right, if I had a true 1:1 Like a EF 100/2.8 macro on a Canon XL-H1
    it would be equivalent of a 7.2 crop, so like a 720mm/2.8 macro. My guess is
    the 1:1 would be at 45".
    Not Given, May 28, 2009
  12. MeaningWhat

    MeaningWhat Guest

    so you have a xl-h1? have you tried macro?

    can the photo lenses be mounted on the video camera as well? or do you
    have to buy special lenses? i have not found any video lenses on the
    canon website.

    MeaningWhat, May 28, 2009
  13. MeaningWhat

    Wilba Guest

    A claim of "no ability to focus" only takes a single counter example to
    disprove. Done.
    I don't have the necessary equipment to try it, but the concept is
    sufficient disproof of your claim. For you to prove your claim you'd have to
    show convincingly that it was impossible to focus a macro movie by moving
    the camera, and by all other conceivable means of focussing.
    Wilba, May 29, 2009
  14. MeaningWhat

    Not Given Guest

    Canon makes the EF lens mount adapter that allows you to mount EF Canon
    lenses on the XL series of video cameras. The lenses have a 7.2x FOV crop.
    Very useful if you do wildlife filming as the EF 70~200/2.8 becomes a

    I have used an XL-1 but haven't tried the XL-H1 yet.
    Not Given, May 29, 2009
  15. MeaningWhat

    MeaningWhat Guest

    again: why do you have no ability to focus? why is it impossible to
    focus normally with the lens?
    MeaningWhat, May 29, 2009
  16. MeaningWhat

    J. Clarke Guest

    Changing the lens-to-sensor distance changes the magnification.

    In macro photography the standard method of focus is to move the camera so
    as to maintain a constant distance between lens and subject.
    J. Clarke, May 29, 2009
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