Canon 630 will not fire flash

Discussion in 'Canon' started by bill_twomey, Dec 3, 2005.

  1. bill_twomey

    bill_twomey Guest

    My trusty 630 will not trip the speedlite 430ez. I know the flash
    works, it prefires for bounce flash, and fires when manually triggered
    (shorting center pin to shoe-ground). My 630 had a gummy shutter
    problem and I cleaned up the gunk as suggested around the net. Any
    connection between the shutter problem and the flash problem?

    Besides cleaning the blades, is there anywhere else you have to clean?
    How? I notice if I shoot a long exposure, I can open the back and the
    shutter will be up. I could use the remote and lock it open. Is there

    anything where the shutter lands that has to be cleaned for the flash
    to work?

    Any thoughts on the the cost of repair and is it worth it? Probably
    not worth it :-(

    bill_twomey, Dec 3, 2005
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  2. bill_twomey

    bill_t Guest

    I found and answer - Yes they are related.

    Something told me flash is related to shutter fire, so I went further
    cleaning of the gunk. Dip a strip of paper in alchol, and slide it
    around in the slot below the shutter. Repeat until it comes out clean.

    When the alcohol dried up, the flash fired.

    To get the shutter to stap open, set the camera on B, fire, then open
    the back. The remote cable is handy for this, you can lock it open.
    bill_t, Dec 5, 2005
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  3. bill_twomey

    Guest Guest

    That's good information. I would also suggest that you think about having
    the seals on the shutter replaced. Around 80 bucks in the US. This sounds
    like the common EOS shutter lube leak problem and will plague you again
    until the seals are replace.
    Guest, Dec 5, 2005
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