Canon A590 IS - any owners can answer usage questions ?

Discussion in 'Canon' started by Ian Woodrow, Jun 2, 2008.

  1. Ian Woodrow

    Ian Woodrow Guest

    I'm looking for another compact digi to carry around at all times in my
    pocket. One that has caught my
    eye is this Canon A590 IS. I have looked at reviews here and there it it
    seems OK but all the things on
    my want list are not mentioned in some reviews.

    When it comes to the viewfinder (this is a MUST ... I *want* a viewfinder as
    trying to use the screen on
    sunny days or when panning is not great. I did read about this camera......

    You can frame your pictures with the color LCD or to save precious battery
    power you can use the optical viewfinder. This is a "coupled" viewfinder
    with approximately 80% to 85% coverage and has no dioptic adjustment.

    Yeah, right! What exactly am I getting here then ? Does this mean that if
    I frame using the viewfinder I could cut the edges
    off the subject because the result is bigger ? OR is it the other way
    round, the result is smaller then what I see, in which case
    the end result may be smaller but it won't have bits cut off ? The camera I
    need to replace is an old Olympus C350Z which
    has done me very well until the results with flash are stopping the aperture
    down and making the shots dark ... no control
    over this. With THIS camera's viewfinder the final image is smaller than
    what I see. I really want what I see to be what I
    get but if this is not the case with compact digis then I'd rather have that
    than end result hanging out of the frame.

    Another very important annoyance with my camera is that when you replace the
    AA batteries it loses date and time !!! This
    is a REAL pain. I do need to be able to use AAs as I don't want to be stuck
    in a situation where I can't pop into a local shop
    and get a handful of batteries to keep me going when I'm out and about.

    I also want to be able to get in close to shoot at close range
    (close-up/macro .... shooting insects and the likes).

    Can anyone who has used the A590 comment on the above, or if anyone has a
    camera in a similar price range which has
    the features I need and produces good quality shots.


    Ian Woodrow, Jun 2, 2008
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  2. Ian Woodrow

    jimbok Guest

    Yes. The viewfinder will display approximately 85% of the captured
    image. In other words, the actual image will cover 15% greater area
    than the optical viewfinder displayed.
    The A590 has a separate lithium button battery that maintains
    settings. You can leave the AAs out for months and not lose the date.
    The macro range has a minimum close focusing distance of 5cm
    (2 inches).

    jimbok, Jun 2, 2008
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  3. Ian Woodrow

    Alex Monro Guest

    I don't believe the SX100 has a viewfinder, which the OP seemed rather
    keen on. Not many of the SDs have viewfinders either, and being able
    to use AA batteries seems to be on the OPs want list too.

    I have two compacts with viewfinders and take AAs - Olympus SP-350 and
    Fuji E900. I have no problems with losing date & time when changing
    batteries, but both these models are currently discontinued, although
    still occasionally available refurbished.

    Close up conversion lenses are available for many compacts.
    Alex Monro, Jun 3, 2008
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