Canon A70 Compact Flash slot pin broken

Discussion in 'Canon' started by lc, Jul 15, 2004.

  1. lc

    lc Guest

    Bought a A70. It was in a sealed plastic bag. Did not think twice and
    insert a compact flash card. I have another digital camera for 4 years that
    uses compact flash and I have several readers. I don't believe I insert the
    card incorrectly. Anyway, you cannot insert it in the other direction. The
    camera said no memory card installed. Took the card out and found several
    pins were bent. Tried to fix them now two of them were broken.

    I do not even have a chance to take a picture with it. The carmera was in a
    sealed bag. I just assumed it must be in perfect condition and did not
    check to see if the pins were crooked before inserting the card. Anybody
    had similar problem before? I wonder how much they are going to charge me
    to have it fixed.
    lc, Jul 15, 2004
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