Canon A75 and old lenses

Discussion in 'Canon' started by Trevor Kearsey, May 28, 2004.

  1. Hi there,

    without being at home to get the numbers/sizes. Does anyone know if I
    could use lenses (wide angle and telescopic) from my oldschool Canon AE-1 on
    a new Canon Powershot A75 digital? Is there an adapter that will allow this?
    thanks alot.

    Trevor Kearsey, May 28, 2004
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  2. The PowerShot A75 takes _converter-lenses_ 52mm in diameter using a
    lens adapter as described in the fine, printed manual. I can
    recommend the Wide (0,7x) and tele (1,7x or so) Canon-made converters
    that moves the focal length "in" or "out", eventhough the
    tele-converter is only fully useable at the far end of the zoom and
    2-3 'notches' back before you get serious vignetting :(

    For using interchangeable lenses (like what you have), get a dSLR
    like the 300D (or a model that fits your lenses - some gives errors
    and others might not have even metering enabled when fitted so you
    have to shoot blind and the correct the exposure for the next shot).

    Only chance is if you got a very good (1.4 or 1.8) 50mm lens and you
    are able to get to use it wide open - reversed! It's only good for
    macro, though... and you ned a special threaded ring for the reverse
    and possibly some step rings!
    Rolf Egil Sølvik, May 28, 2004
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  3. Trevor Kearsey

    Engineer Guest

    No, won't fit at all. Very sad!

    I just sold all my AE-1 lenses, Canon and Kiron, (and the body) on
    eBay having also bought an A75.

    BTW, a digital body to take the great FD lenses costs an arm and a


    Engineer, May 28, 2004
  4. Trevor Kearsey

    Mark B. Guest

    Mark B., May 29, 2004
  5. No, they aren't even the same sort of "lenses". Your SLR lenses are
    designed to form an image on a film plane when used by themselves. The
    A75 has its own zoom lens that is permanently mounted, and it cannot be
    replaced by anything else.

    The add-on "lenses" for the A75 are actually afocal converters, sort of
    a specialized telescope or backwards telescope. The provide angular
    magnification but with a virtual image at infinity, so that another lens
    can look through them. They have to be used with another image-forming

    You *could* use the A75's wide and tele converters in front of your SLR
    camera lenses, but the quality would be lower than just switching lenses
    on the SLR.

    Dave Martindale, May 29, 2004
  6. I wasn't aware you could actually get a digital body which would take FD
    lenses. (Yes, I know there are FD/EOS mount converters, but one is a
    macro converter (extension tube) which loses infinity focus, and the
    other (rare as hens' teeth) is a 1.3x teleconverter which only works on
    certain very expensive and rare FD telephotos and zooms from the L
    range.) If you know any different, please give us details, as many of us
    still have FD lenses looking for a useful role in life.
    David Littlewood, May 29, 2004
  7. Trevor Kearsey

    Mark B. Guest

    There AREN'T any digital bodies that take FD lenses directly. All Canon
    DSLR bodies take EF lenses. I don't know if adapters will work or not.

    Mark B., May 29, 2004
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