Canon announces the new EOS 1Ds Mark III Critic

Discussion in 'Canon' started by Bob G, Mar 2, 2007.

  1. Bob G

    Bob G Guest

    Taking full advantage of the incredible performance of modern
    computers, Canon has introduced a new digital camera that's programmed
    to criticize your pictures as you shoot.

    The criticism appears below the viewfinder in the form of a short
    sentence. Some samples:

    "Rule of thirds violation!"
    "Too sharp, Gramma will hate it, use soft focus"
    "Please center your subject"
    "Forget this shot - shutter release has been locked",

    and so on.

    You may personalize the criticism by telling the camera your name,

    "Rule of thirds violation, Bob!"

    And there are three settings which modify the degree and depth of the
    criticism. They are "Beginner", which offers the harshest criticism,
    "Advanced", a bit more moderate, and "Genius", where all criticism is

    Canon expects the artistic quality of Photography worldwide to be
    greatly improved with this new technology.
    Bob G, Mar 2, 2007
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  2. LOL!
    I guess the Mark IV will have a bot posting flames about Nikon...

    cyrusthevirus, Mar 2, 2007
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  3. Bob G

    george Guest

    I would have thought that a Mark IV would know what Canon equipment you own
    and for every shot you want to take, would recommend some Canon equipment
    you don't own that would make the shot "better".
    george, Mar 3, 2007
  4. Bob G

    Steve Wolfe Guest

    And there are three settings which modify the degree and depth of the
    You forgot the " newbie" level of criticism. Some of you will
    know what I'm talking about.


    Steve Wolfe, Mar 3, 2007

  5. Sssshhh!
    Don't place strange ideas in the mind of marketroids!
    Jokes apart, We must not forget that the "firmware" is nothing else than
    a complete operating system, stored in just a few megabytes (the most of
    them stuffed with the various translations of the commands) and doing
    very complex things in a very short time without crashing too often.
    So to add a browser, an e-mail client and some other programs to it,
    like some cell phones, wouldn't be too difficult.
    I forecast in a few years we'll have PhotoShop running directly on the
    display, maybe a 7" flexible one (and I'll be the one looking for a
    Linux camera to hack <g>).

    cyrusthevirus, Mar 3, 2007
  6. Bob G

    Tony Polson Guest

    Shouldn't that be "Rule of thirds violation, Browne!"

    Tony Polson, Mar 3, 2007
  7. Bob G

    Alan Browne Guest

    Very likely as I don't adhere to it.

    But, Tony, do please tell us about the Rule of Thirds, used or nor in
    these photos of yours:

    I'd also like your Golden mean comments on your famous photo on the
    cover of Paris Match. For that matter, we'd all love to actually *see*
    your photo that was published on the cover of Paris Match.

    Alan Browne, Mar 3, 2007
  8. Bob G

    Bill Funk Guest

    I may be out of line here, but it seems these photos are meant to
    document something, not to be any kind of "artistic" endeavor.
    As such, any rules other than to simply show what's being documented
    don't come into play.
    IOW, in this case, the photos are to show the loco, not to make the
    photo look like a piece of art.

    John McCain announced for
    president on David Letterman's
    show Wednesday. However, his
    formal announcement isn't
    until April. These days if
    you want to run for president
    you have to clear it with the
    comedians before you run it by
    the public.
    Bill Funk, Mar 4, 2007
  9. Bob G

    Alan Browne Guest

    Mr. Expert in all things photographic has never shown a single photo
    that was at least competent, never mind noteworthy. He claims to have a
    photo published on the cover of Paris Match (more or less the "People"
    magazine of France) yet has never specified the issue or shown the photo.

    Whenever, without call, as above Polson puts out one of his barbs (to
    him, doesn't bother me at all) I post reminders to him of his general
    mediocrity. Some years ago he posted some of his "noteworthy" photos
    for all to see. They were of such poor quality in all regards technical
    and aestehtic as to draw hoots of derision from the newsgroup crowd. I
    regret that I didn't bother to look and esp. to not grab copies. They,
    it seems, were so bad as to make his "railfan" photos look advanced.

    It is amusing to those of us who do post our photos, bad, good and
    darned good, to accept comments and critiques, good or bad, to have
    Polson sneering at our efforts while being too much of a craven coward
    to post his own.

    Recall that this is the same Tony Polson who shoots 50 rolls per average
    *week*; who can't get it straight whether he owned a Minolta 5400 or
    bought one; who lambastes others for their photos and is too cowardly to
    post his own.

    It really is one of the worst cases of self-loathing I've ever seen.

    Alan Browne, Mar 4, 2007
  10. Bob G

    Bill Funk Guest

    Then it would seem that you, in your capacity of adjucator of all
    things photographic, should have been able to come up with something
    that demonstrated his medioctity better than you did.

    John Edwards was warned by Democrats
    in Nevada Thursday that his support
    for a bill to ban betting on college
    sports will cost him the state. You
    have to love Nevada. It's the only
    place where a personal injury lawyer
    has the moral high ground.
    Bill Funk, Mar 5, 2007
  11. Bob G

    Alan Browne Guest

    I have no idea what adjucator means, perhaps you meant adjudicator?

    Thanks for getting very quickly to the point, if in a roundabout way.
    The point is not that I'm an adjudicator of anything, but rather that
    Polson should be a little less arrogant in his treatment of others. I
    am content to leave him be providing he does likewise. OTOH, as I've
    said many times before, if he must finish a post with an attack on
    someone, then he should expect to be reminded of his lack of
    demonstrated talents. In his case to date it is more accurate to say
    "demonstrated lack of talent" as he has not pointed to or posted
    anything of merit. He has even gone as far as claiming that hundreds
    of his photos are online on the web "somewhere", implying that they are
    under another name or otherwise not obvious. Why would he not point
    them out? The emperor is damned naked, perhaps?

    So you are right, I should be able to show his mediocrity to an even
    greater degree. But I can't, for the few "railfan" photos are both the
    summit of his achievements and the depths of his mediocrity all in the
    same meagre collection. If indeed he does have so many photos online
    what would it harm him to point them out?

    It is up to Polson to post at least competent photography. Otherwise
    just shut up about the rest of us who (for bad or good). His train
    photos at railfan are not competent, to put a point on it. I've also
    posted photos that are not especially good, for specific reasons, but
    I've also posted photos that are quite good and that have received very
    positive comments from both aesthetic and technical POV's, occasionally
    both at the same time.

    Polson claims much, much more, and he snidely attacks that which he
    doesn't approve. That would not be so bad if at least he showed a shred
    of capability. He hasn't. Not once. Not even once. Never.

    Polson spends a good deal of time on a uk rail newsgroup. For someone
    who loves trains as much as he seems to, and to be such a well equipped
    and "talented" photographer, I would expect to see MUCH better photos
    from him than my own meagre efforts at the odd train.

    Alan Browne, Mar 5, 2007
  12. Bob G

    TJWilson Guest

    How exciting! I can hardly wait for the next generation which will
    include specific dialogues setting like;

    New Jersey english...
    "Yo, yer bekkin that rule turds thing f___ face!"

    London english...
    "Oi! Break that rule of thirds and you'll be sorry you did my
    pedigreed chum."

    Minnesota english...
    Geez, will ya look at that, shift to left, yaaa shift to the left. Oh
    geez that didn't work either, what now do ya think?

    Proper english...
    I say old horse, your pushing the boundaries on the rule of thirds yet
    again. Do try and pay attention to what your pointing me at, thank

    Canadian english...
    Hey hoser, shift her right eh and Bob's yer uncle!

    Finally we'll have nothing to grouse about again!
    TJWilson, Mar 6, 2007
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