Canon Cable Release Adapter T3 - VS - the RS-80N3

Discussion in 'Canon' started by Just Shoot Me, Sep 8, 2007.

  1. I had wanted to get the Canon Cable Release Adapter because it sounded more
    what was recommended here.
    the store only had an RS-80N3 in stock.

    I know I don't know how to use a lot of things on the camera right now.
    but hope to learn all I can so with that in mind.
    can both be used the same way? is one better than the other?

    Thank you

    Just Shoot Me, Sep 8, 2007
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  2. Just Shoot Me

    Paul Furman Guest

    That looks similar to the Nikon setup. The fancier version with an LCD
    panel has the ability to do timed bulb exposures for night shooting and
    an interval timer for multiple exposures or time lapse movies, but maybe
    the only real important thing is the ability to do a mirror lockup...
    probably that just requires a second click so I wouldn't worry. You are
    saving about $100 with that model. I had to hunt for an old used version
    to avoid the expensive new overkill Nikon cable release.
    Paul Furman, Sep 8, 2007
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  3. Just Shoot Me

    Peter H. Guest

    I think the RS-80N3 is what you are looking for. It is Canon's
    standard remote switch for the 10-40D and 1D cameras.
    It simply is a cable with a shutter release button.
    Yes, it is quite expensive for what is does, but unfortunately Canon
    uses a proprietary connector for the shutter release cable, so you
    won't find many alternatives.

    The "Cable Release Adapter T3" is an adapter which allows you to
    connect a mechanical shutter release cable. I doubt that this is what
    you really want...

    An interesting alternative might be the TC80N3 Timer Remote Control
    which provides some useful self-timer, interval timer and
    long-exposure timer features - if you need them. Of course, it is even
    more expensive.

    Peter H., Sep 8, 2007
  4. this is what I dont know. One thing I read it might have had to do with
    metering or perhaps focus.
    but sometimes its needed to press the shutter half way and while holding it
    move the camera.

    I would have liked that but right now I need to focus on what will work best
    for my job.
    thank you for the explanation.

    Just Shoot Me, Sep 8, 2007
  5. $100 saved at this point is $100 dollars more to put to other things.
    I feel good knowing at least 2 here feel its not a bad remote.
    I know the remote for my Nikon didn't let me hold the shutter half way.
    just press and take the picture.
    Just Shoot Me, Sep 8, 2007
  6. Just Shoot Me

    Peter H. Guest

    The RS-80N3 also has a "halfway pressed" state which activates AF and
    exposure metering. So you can use it exactly the same way as the
    camera's shutter button.
    Peter H., Sep 11, 2007
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