Canon camera Battery Pack like the bp-220 Does else use one?

Discussion in 'Canon' started by Mike, Sep 26, 2003.

  1. Mike

    Mike Guest

    Canon camera Battery Pack like the bp-220 Does else use one?
    Do you like it?
    Thanks for your replies
    Mike K
    Mike, Sep 26, 2003
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  2. I have a Rebel 2000 and the BP 200, I'm pretty sure the BP-220 is
    functionally the same. It's really nice to have that extra grip, on the
    2000 my pinky would always hang over the bottom of the camera. And the
    vertical shutter button is nice, too. I end up using it a lot. And AA
    batteries are cheaper than CR2s. I'd say it's worth it.

    Jeremy Hodges, Sep 26, 2003
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  3. I use the BP-50 on an Elan IIe. I have average size hands, but the
    additional size of the battery grip gives quite a bit of extra stability in
    my hands. The vertical shutter release is handy, but I wish they'd included
    the main dial as well.

    As long as it's tightened securely, it's plenty stable on a tripod
    too. Slightly inconvenient with a quick-release plate, since the plate will
    partially cover the locking wheel, so it will have to be at least loosened
    to remove the battery pack.

    I like the ability to use AA batteries, so now everything I carry
    uses the same batteries - keeping up with spares is easier, and I can steal
    from the external flash in an emergency. They last perhaps a little less
    time than the 2CR5, but are significantly cheaper.

    Be aware of two things: First, the additional size/bulk/weight (not
    too much heavier) may make the camera harder to pack away in your bag, and
    can affect the tripod mounts of some longer lenses. Also, the pack is
    terrible for cold-weather use, since AAs respond very poorly in cold
    weather, far worse than lithiums, and the battery pack is rotten

    An amusing sidenote - when people see a camera that 'big', they
    assume it's a pro rig (especially when you use lenshoods all the time). Can
    be fun ;-)

    - Al.
    Al Denelsbeck, Sep 26, 2003
  4. Mike

    Fountainhead Guest

    You got that right. I'm heading to the US Grand Prix on Sunday with my
    N80 with battery pack and a long lens to try and get some on-track car
    shots, as well as a FE2 for some B&W stuff. Most folks seeing me walking
    around with that big ole N80/battery pack/lens combo in addition to the
    second Nikon on the other shoulder are gonna think I must be some
    seriously good photographer. Ha! Looks certainly can be deceiving...
    Fountainhead, Sep 27, 2003
  5. ..
    But you can get lithium AA's....I use them in my F5....
    William Graham, Sep 27, 2003
  6. Yeah....I think I'll buy a pice of black plastic PVC and put it on the end
    of my 500mm mirror lens. Then I'll add dials, switches, and meters, and
    maybe a few led's to it, so people will think I've got the longest, most
    expensive lens in the business......A press card on my hat, an I'll be able
    to go anywhere.......
    William Graham, Sep 27, 2003
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