Canon Elan 7NE (un)availability at B&H

Discussion in 'Canon' started by Bill Doyle, Mar 28, 2005.

  1. Bill Doyle

    Bill Doyle Guest

    I am planning to buy a Canon Elan 7NE. When I went to the B&H site to
    order one, the Elan 7NE page says: "Important Notice! This is not a
    regularly stocked item. Estimated arrival at B&H 7-14 business days.
    You will be charged upon placing your order." The camera was listed as
    in stock as recently as last week. Now it says they not going to stock
    it regularly?

    If true, this is troubling. Does anyone know any more information on
    this? This camera has been labeled on B&H's site as a top seller. I
    have a vacation planned in less than 3 weeks for which I would like to
    get one of these. Though I would love to give them my business
    (...again!), I am afraid that B&H won't be able to come through in

    Please advise.


    Bill Doyle
    Bill Doyle, Mar 28, 2005
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  2. Bill Doyle

    TAFKAB Guest

    Buy it at one of the many, many retailers that does stock it. It's a nice
    TAFKAB, Mar 29, 2005
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  3. Bill Doyle

    Juan Guest

    I am planning to buy a Canon Elan 7NE. When I went to the B&H site to
    Same thing is happening to me here. I've been checking the 7N for a few
    weeks now at Simons Cameras in Montreal, but had not bought it. Now, when I
    finally decided to buy it, it's gone to the special order items list.

    And of course, they tell you they can get it for you the next day, but I've
    been there/done that. Once your money is out of your hands, they take their
    sweet own time to get it, no less than 2 weeks and probably more like 3
    weeks. So B&H delay may be right on the money.

    But why is it like this all of a sudden? Why are Canon dealers not stocking
    their stuff anymore? Some of them anyways...

    Juan A.
    Juan, Mar 29, 2005
  4. Bill Doyle

    Tony Guest

    They are probably between production runs. I doubt they (either Canon or
    the store) are going to drop it, but at this point film cameras are a
    secondary market and Canon is concentrating more production on digitals.
    Tony, Mar 30, 2005
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