Canon Elan 7NE vs. EOS 3

Discussion in 'Canon' started by HugYourPug, Aug 27, 2004.

  1. HugYourPug

    HugYourPug Guest

    Are there great advantages of the EOS 3? Used EOS 3 prices on EBay are not that
    much more than a new 7NE. Of course technology marches on, so perhaps one has
    an advantage.
    HugYourPug, Aug 27, 2004
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  2. The EOS3 is a "professional" camera, and is built accordingly. It is very
    well sealed against moisture and dust. It can shoot at about 8 frames per
    second (with a booster). Because of all these things, it is also very
    heavy. If you really need the tank-like construction and the environmental
    sealing, fine, but for what I do, I'd much rather have a 7NE hanging around
    my neck. The 7NE is also quite a bit quieter in operation.

    Hope that helps.
    Steve Marshall, Aug 27, 2004
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  3. THAT, unfortunately is complete bullshit. This little bit of info is the
    only one I have seen in the net, that is consistently incorrect from
    unofficial sources.

    I have photographed in the rain a few times, and now the camera is badly
    corroded. When I asked the official Canon service personnel, they said that
    EOS3 is certainly NOT watertight. Asked from Canon USA in the web, the same

    The estimate is 585e MINIMUM, they can not see all the corrosion until they
    have taken the camera completely apart. And I mean completely...

    Markus Malmqvist, Aug 27, 2004
  4. HugYourPug

    Skip M Guest

    "Well sealed" and "water tight" are not the same thing. The EOS3 was
    claimed, at its release, to have water and dust seals the equivalent of the
    then outgoing 1n.
    Skip M, Aug 28, 2004
  5. THAT, unfortunately is complete bullshit. This little bit of info is the
    OK, I was not being exact enough about terminology. In any case, the camera
    could not handle rain that I was easily handling without any rain gear. So
    certainly not heavy rain. The worst symptoms it got in wet snow rain.

    For the fun of it I will include the Very Official Canon answer:

    Dear Mr. Malmqvist,

    Thank you for your inquiry.

    The EOS 3 is not designed to be used in rain or high humidity. The EOS
    1v is our only water and dust resistant model.

    Please note, Canon USA does not monitor, confirm, endorse, or attest to
    the accuracy of any information posted on third party websites. It
    seems many customers are overwhelmed by the barrage of information (or
    misinformation) being posted on unregulated, non-Canon websites.
    Unfortunately, this is not something over which Canon has any control.
    We are able only to confirm the performance of the camera based on our
    own testing.

    Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions or

    Thank you for choosing Canon.


    Product Support Representative

    Original Message Follows:

    Email Support Form Message
    Product Type: EOS-3
    Product Model:
    IslandData Session:
    INQUIRY: Hi,
    Canon EOS 3 weather sealing: fact or fiction?
    In the net everyone claims that sealing exists. Therefore I have used my
    camera in high humidity and rain. However, corrosion have now eaten the
    components for six months and damage is great. Repair 585e minimum. It
    works, but battery expenses can be as large as film.
    Canon service person claims there is next to nothing sealing in EOS 3.
    He also says that officially there is no special sealing, has never
    been. They say manual warns about weather, but I can not locate it now.
    It would be interesting to know what is the truth. I have never before
    seen such consistent disinformation in the net...
    I have insurance, have not checked yet, but it probably will not cover
    this, because no "accident" has happened. Sadly they probably do not
    count ignorance and misinformation as accident.
    Markus Malmqvist
    Product Serial Number: 2732458
    First Name: Markus
    Last Name: Malmqvist
    Markus Malmqvist, Aug 28, 2004
  6. HugYourPug

    Skip M Guest

    That's an interesting dodge they gave you.
    Needless to say, I don't have a brochure at hand for the 3 or for the 1n,
    but I do remember the Canon lit saying that the 3 was as well sealed against
    the elements as the 1n. Now, if the 1n was supposed to be sealed against
    the elements, but the 1v is better, where does that leave the 3?
    Skip M, Aug 28, 2004
  7. I've just checked my copies of the official Canon brochures for the EOS3,
    EOS1V and 1n (unfortunately this latter is included in a general brochure).
    There's no mention about weatherproofing in any of the "Specification"
    sections. <period>

    The 1V gets 4 pages devoted to body and weatherproofing with a photo of the
    1V covered in raindrops.

    There's a short paragraph stating that the
    "EOS-3 has the same level of protection against dust and the elements as the
    and it then details the shaft and seal design aspects.
    Next para starts with " The EOS-3's electrical system, its lifeline, is also
    protected from the elements with all the important electrical contacts being
    bipolar and gold plated. Even if dust or grit causes problems for one
    electrical contact, the camera can still continue to operate normally."

    Despite the above, only my EOS3 (out of 7 EOS bodies over several years) has
    required expensive servicing by Canon to rectify very poor battery life -
    clearly an electrical fault! It's OK now.

    EOS Magazine may be able to help with wording from the 1N brochure.
    Malcolm Stewart, Aug 28, 2004
  8. HugYourPug

    Alan Browne Guest

    Lenses are rarely (ever?) as well sealed as bodies, so having a
    water tight SLR is not a useful design goal. The 'dust' seals
    are very welcome of course and they usually hold out a lot of
    moisture too... but the notion of a water tight SLR is a bit of a
    laugh from the lens POV ... they breathe ... which is why all
    lenses, even factory new always have flecks of dust in them.

    (Before a wiseguy speaks up, I'm of course not referring to scuba
    gear or other enclosed systems).
    Alan Browne, Aug 28, 2004
  9. HugYourPug

    HugYourPug Guest

    Very interesting discussion, but should I buy a new Elan 7NE or a used EOS 3?
    HugYourPug, Aug 29, 2004
  10. message ....
    It so happens my corroded EOS-3 has the same main symptom. However, it is
    not easily corrected since many parts, including some kind of main circuit,
    are badly corroded.

    I am beginning to think, that Canon has found the sealing in EOS-1N not good
    enough. Perhaps some problems with customers. After this they have quit
    advertising sealing of this level, even taking the official stance that
    sealing does not exist.

    Perhaps Canon has even saved some many by leaving out the sealing from EOS-3
    after these events. That would be nice. :)

    Markus Malmqvist, Aug 29, 2004
  11. HugYourPug

    Alan Browne Guest

    That really depends on your needs. But I'll wing it here and say
    that if you really don't know, then the Elan 7 (of any variety,
    the eye focus thing works for some, not others) is probably a
    good bet for you. A very capable camera, just shy of "pro"
    status, light and quiet.

    If you shoot slide film, then an advantage of the EOS 3 is the
    spot metering.

    Alan Browne, Aug 29, 2004
  12. HugYourPug

    Tony Spadaro Guest

    Okat - let me step in as an owner of an EOS 3 and user of my wife's Elan 7e.
    Unless you have need for some feature of the EOS 3 I would go for the Elan
    7. It is smaller, lighter, quieter, does everything important, and has a
    beautiful interface. I had need (or desire) for the intervalometer available
    for the EOS 3 but not many would. In most situations I prefer shooting with
    the Elan.

    EOS 3?
    Tony Spadaro, Aug 30, 2004
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