Canon Elph LT manual needed

Discussion in 'Canon' started by Autumn, Jun 19, 2006.

  1. Autumn

    Autumn Guest

    I picked up a Canon Elph LT camera (advantix film) at a garage sale. I am in
    need of a manual for it or copies of one. Anyone out there have one?

    It does not seem to shut off, in that I mean the date keeps blinking even
    when it is closed and I was wondering if it is broken or if it is supposed
    to do that? The number of pictures taken still shows in the top window, the
    date blinks and the battery window indicator is still showing the battery
    life. Just seems like this should all be shut off when I close the shutter

    Also don't know how to set it up with time and date. There is also a title
    button I can't figure out.

    I am really hoping to use this camera, it is nice and small and I want to
    carry it in my purse all the time.

    Hope someone can help!

    Autumn, Jun 19, 2006
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  2. Autumn-

    I have the Canon Elph Junior, but haven't used it in years and have no
    idea where the manual is. I briefly explored the Canon web site to see if
    they had a manual for yours, but didn't find one. Perhaps a Google search
    for "Canon Elph LT manual" would turn up something.

    Your description fits my Elph, which also has an always-on LCD display on
    top, with six dashes flashing. Those dashes may be where the date and/or
    Title would be entered if we knew how.

    The picture of yours at the Canon web site is a little different from
    mine. With mine, when a power button is pressed, the lens moves into
    position with cover open, and moves back when the button is pressed again.

    Fred McKenzie, Jun 20, 2006
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  3. Autumn

    Autumn Guest

    Thank you for the time and help. I heard back from Canon and they sent a
    number so I can "order" a manual. I can't believe they don't offer a PDF
    file of it on their web page. I checked out all the ELPH cameras thinking
    they may be similar, but they did not have them for any of them. I have done
    a pretty extensive search on line looking for one. This darn near free
    camera is costing me money. Had to buy a battery for $8 and film of course.
    Also wanting a case for it. Now I may need to buy the manual. Mine must be
    the first one, as it has a fixed lens. Glad to hear about the LCD, as I was
    taking out the battery. Doesn't make sense that it does not shut off

    Thanks again

    Autumn, Jun 21, 2006
  4. Autumn-

    My Elph came with its own case. The camera is slightly larger than a
    recent Canon SD-400 "Digital Elph", and won't fit into its custom case.
    There may be another model Canon that has a case that would fit yours,
    perhaps an SD-500.

    Mine has a fixed-focal length lens (26mm f/2.8) but is auto-focus.

    I agree about the LCD draining the battery, but it could take a few years
    to run it down. I purchased a new battery for mine a couple of years ago,
    even though I no longer use it.

    Mine will flash the flash and make an exposure with no film in it. If
    yours does the same, it is probably healthy and worth trying a roll of

    Mine has a switch on the rear to select P (panoramic), H (horizontal?) or
    C (cropped?) image format. In fact, all three settings take the same
    panoramic picture. Each frame of the film is magnetically tagged with the
    selected format so it gets printed the "right" way. If you change your
    mind, you can get a picture reprinted in one of the other formats.

    Fred McKenzie, Jun 21, 2006
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