Canon EOS 20D EFS 18-55mm kit

Discussion in 'Canon' started by Leonard, Feb 24, 2006.

  1. Leonard

    Leonard Guest

    Hi, I have new EOS 20D that came with the 18-55 mm lens. I was just
    wondering what people thought of this lens. Is it me or do the pics I take
    don't seem as clear as I though they should be. Sometimes I think my entry
    level digital camera takes clearer pics at times. Maybe I still have a lot
    to learn about taking pics with this camera. What would be a better lens to
    upgrade to?

    Thanks, Len
    Leonard, Feb 24, 2006
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  2. Leonard

    Luc Weyn Guest

    Hi Len,

    The 18-55 is indeed not a great lens. I think they actually give it away
    with the camera. I bought a 350D last year with a 18-55 mm and 55-200 mm.
    Well the 55-200 is a lot worse than the 18-55.

    Canon makes some fantastic lenses, unfortunately not really for my budget.
    Have a look at Vivitar Series 1 lenses, not bad at all and far more
    affordable than the Canon stuff.

    Luc Weyn, Feb 24, 2006
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  3. Leonard

    Dave White Guest

    Like Luc says the lens is known to have problems. It's not too bad if
    you stay away from the extreme ends of the focal length and keep the
    aperture larger than about F8. Smaller apertures which you would
    normally expect to give more definition and a greater DOF will give you
    a softer focus. As long as you realise it's limitations the wide end of
    the lens is quite useful.

    Dave White, Feb 24, 2006
  4. Leonard

    paulnrx Guest

    I was using a Canon G3 for a few years and then I bought a D20 w/18-55mm
    lens. I was thinking the same thing for a while. I think for myself there
    where several issues affecting the photos. One was the inherent greater
    depth of field of the G3 (& all consumer digital cameras). The G3 has a
    7mm-28mm lens & small CCD sensor which makes many of the photos sharp from
    close in to far away. When using the D20 the focusing is more critical for
    nearby subjects & the f/stop has a greater impact on the depth of field.
    Second, the camera default setting in the G3 has more sharpness, saturation
    & contrast added to the JPEG photo than the default D20 settings. Try
    turning up the sharpness, saturation & contrast on the D20 and compare them
    to photos with reduced settings. Set you JPEG settings to the FINE settings
    for maximum quality or even try shooting some in RAW format. Put your D20
    on a tripod and shoot at f/8 f/stop (like the Dave suggested) to see if
    your photos are sharp. Oh and print the photos...don't just look at them on
    a monitor.
    Regards, Paul N
    paulnrx, Mar 3, 2006
  5. Leonard

    Leonard Guest

    Do you mean use manual settings on the 20D instead of fully automatic?

    Thanks, Leonard
    Leonard, Mar 3, 2006
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