Canon EOS 350D bargain?

Discussion in 'Canon' started by Bruce, May 13, 2008.

  1. Bruce

    Bruce Guest

    Bruce, May 13, 2008
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  2. Mike Cawood, HND BIT, May 16, 2008
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  3. Bruce

    Woody Guest

    Agreed, and personal experience of Morgan says they are one of the
    better outfits.

    'Out of box' - usually means ex-display so may be marked or whatever.
    Woody, May 17, 2008
  4. Bruce

    A.Lee Guest

    No, it is about right. It is an old model, what, a year+ since the 400D
    was launched?
    It was on sale at many places for £350 over a year ago (I think it was
    Tesco who were doing the 400D at the same price?), so a 20% price cut on
    an obsolete model is a reasonable price, but certainly not a bargain.

    Morgan do sell returned/recon'd goods, but they also have a lot of brand
    new unopened stock which they buy in bulk from iImporters, so it could
    be from anywhere. Even so, you will still get the same warranty as if
    buying from a camera shop.
    A.Lee, May 17, 2008
  5. Bruce

    Chris H Guest

    Morgan are honest about the things they sell.

    They will tell you what is recon, refurbished or just old but new stock.
    There is usually a Manufacturers warrantee and the Morgan warrantee

    Basically Morgan do recon, referb and obsolete stock at knock down
    prices. The trouble is as discounts get bigger and prices for new
    things fall Morgan is less of a bargain house than it used to be.
    Especially as new computers and camera come out on an annual basis and
    mail order places discount too.

    I have bought lap tops and digital cameras from Morgan. One camera went
    faulty in 2 weeks and they replaced it on the spot at the counter (I
    bought it over the counter at a local Morgan) with no hassle at all.
    Chris H, May 17, 2008
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