Canon EOS 350D (RebelXT) vs. Nikon D1X

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by J.F., Apr 1, 2005.

  1. J.F.

    J.F. Guest

    Hi! I've decided to buy a digital SLR, and I'm considering either a new
    Canon 350D (RebelXT) or a used Nikon D1X.

    I've used the Nikon D1X for about a year now as an army journalist. A
    brilliant camera, and with time I have really learned how to use it.

    I have particulary enjoyed the ruggedness of the D1X. In my part of our
    wonderful world, I can get hold of a somewhat used D1X with a standard
    50mm Nikon AF lens for about $2000. In stores, I can get a EOS 350D
    equipped with a Canon EF 17-40mm lens for about $2,200.

    So I don't really know which one to choose. I've never tried Canon
    SLRs. In my job, the D1X has performed good. But now I neew a good
    all-round camera for personal use. Is the Canon EOS350D (RebelXT) a
    better choice than a used D1X?


    Cpl. J.N. Heartman
    J.F., Apr 1, 2005
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