Canon EOS-D400 and non-Canon flash?

Discussion in 'Canon' started by Rudy Lacchin, Apr 5, 2007.

  1. Rudy Lacchin

    Robert Coe Guest

    : : Rudy Lacchin wrote:
    : :
    : : -8<-
    : :
    : : > Anyone here use an EOS with an external, non-Speedlite? What am I doing
    : : > wrong?!
    : : >
    : : I own an EOS400d and have a non canon speedlite alike flash (luxon
    : : powerzoom 360AFC). That one used to work flawlessly on my canon eos-IX slr.
    : :
    : : It seemed logical to me it would work the same way on my EOS 400D. I did
    : : revert to manual mode on the flash to get some use out of it, since I
    : : had problems with it as well. It did fire, but that was about it.
    : :
    : : My EOS 400D came with firmware 1.0.4. This morning I have downloaded
    : : firmware version 1.0.5. Things that were fixed in the firmware:
    : :
    : : This firmware update (Version 1.0.5) incorporates the following fixes
    : : and improvement.:
    : :
    : : 1. Fixes the printing of lens names when using PictBridge.
    : : 2. [Redeye 1] can now be selected when connecting with specific printers.
    : : 3. Improves the reliability of communication with the Speedlite 380EX.
    : :
    : : After the update I hooked up my flash, and it does work like normal again.
    : :
    : : So I would suggest checking what firmware your EOS-400D runs, and if it
    : : does not run 1.0.5 update yours.
    : :
    : : Here's the link for the download and the steps to take:
    : :
    : :
    : :
    : : Hope this helps.
    : :
    : : Oz
    : I wonder if "improvement" no. 3 applies also to the 580EX. What I do know
    : is that I've been unhappy with the performance of the 580EX I bought for
    : my XTi. Sometimes I get excellent results, but frequently the combination
    : underexposes by a stop or two. And once in a while I'll get a truly bizarre
    : overexposure that results in a totally unrecoverable picture. I guess I'll
    : just do the upgrade and hope for the best.

    I've only very recently observed the cause of that "truly bizarre
    overexposure": The flash unit spontaneously shifts into "TTL" mode, and
    therefore fires only at full power on any E-TTL ("Type A") Canon DSLR. I've
    had it happen during recent photo shoots on both a 7D and a 50D. The most
    recent time (on the 50D), I was able to get it back into E-TTL mode only by
    removing the batteries and letting it sit for a few minutes unpowered.
    (Cycling the power switch and/or pushing the "Mode" button had no effect.) Has
    anyone else seen anything similar? Is there a fix, or is my 580EX circling the
    drain? My wife and I each have a 580EX II, and I haven't seen the problem on
    either of those units.

    Robert Coe, Dec 23, 2011
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