Canon g3 and metz 45-ct4

Discussion in 'Canon' started by none, Jun 3, 2004.

  1. none

    none Guest


    Trying to get a canon g3 to work with a metz 45-ct4. As soon as I connect
    the hot shoe and the metz, the option in the g3 to turn the flash on and off
    disappears. If I take a shot the metz won't flash. However the indicator
    on the back of the metz does blink.

    Any comments at this point?

    I have used this canon g3 with a different metz 45 and a different hot shoe.
    The one i'm using has a test button which when pressed will fire the metz
    flash. This hot shoe is the basic one I got from Do
    you think I should just try a different hot shoe?

    Drink up!
    none, Jun 3, 2004
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  2. none

    none Guest

    Doh, should be CT1
    none, Jun 3, 2004
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  3. none

    Paul Guest

    You might like to check out this web site before continuing:

    According to Canon & others the G series do not like trigger voltages
    above 6V.
    Metz voltages have been estimated around 15V. Although they drop to
    around 5V with a dedicated module like the SCA 311.
    Many digis can have the electronics fried by some flashguns.
    You might like to look into the Wein safe sync.
    Paul, Jun 3, 2004
  4. none

    none Guest

    G'Day Paul... Thanks.

    Hmmm, and I was going to buy a 300D!

    So that's $US70 for a safe hot shoe?

    Is there any electronic fix that I can do to the sync cord to make that 600V
    short, into a 6V short?
    none, Jun 3, 2004
  5. none

    Ax Photo Guest

    You are using a CT1? But they only use a sync cord, not an SCA module. The
    G3 would work perfectly with an SCA module.

    But I think you need to use the SCA 3000 not the SCA 300 system. So you need
    a Metz flash that works with an SCA 3102 M2.

    "This camera is equipped with an accessory shoe with centre contact and
    additional contacts providing some flash features. Therefore we recommend
    for flashlights with SCA-system the following adapter: SCA 3102 M2

    Further information you will find also in the recommendation of SCA-adapter.

    These Metz mecablitz are best in performance with this camera:

    mecablitz 54 MZ-4
    mecablitz 54 MZ-3
    mecablitz 44 AF-4C "
    Ax Photo, Jun 3, 2004
  6. 600 to 6, not likely, lol... no form of resistor/whatever (can you
    tell its a long time since I did electronics) is going to work because
    the discharge, as seems in this case, has to go through the camera...
    reducing that will probably either not fire the flash, or screw up its
    resultant effect.

    A safe shoe has got to be the way to go where the camera short is
    seperated from the flash short... newer flashes as far as I can tell
    internally create that physical gap, and so do a lot of newer external
    PC fired flashes...

    The botzilla page is a good one to look at, as is ringing the
    manufacture of the flash to find the short voltage.

    The big problem is that a lot of camera manufacturers now say
    "anything thats not one of ours shouldnt be used..." instead of
    specifying voltage/amps etc....

    Even more so concidering that a lot of manufacturers have this TTL
    thing and cant comprehend that someone may want to use large studio
    strobes posibly with fly-lights, and maybe with a couple of HMI's
    thrown in for good measure, that could never be TTL'd
    Jonathan Wilson, Jun 4, 2004
  7. none

    vhl Guest

    I think the device you are looking for is a relay. Or maybe
    an opto-coupler or something like that. Been a while
    since I did any Elentronics stuff too.
    vhl, Jun 4, 2004
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