Canon G3: Cost of Out-of-Warranty Repairs

Discussion in 'Canon' started by Mitchell Weitz, Jun 12, 2005.

  1. My Canon Powershot G3 worked fine until yesterday. Now, the rear LCD does
    not work at all. Everything else about the camera works just fine; it still
    takes photos, and if I connect it to the TV, the TV will display everything
    that the rear LCD ought to be displaying. But the rear LCD is simply dead.

    (BTW, the camera hasn't been dropped or smacked against anything hard; it's
    been sitting on a desk, plugged in and recharging, since the last time I
    used it. There is no visible damage to the LCD itself, so it could be a
    connection to the screen or it could be that the screen itself has to be

    It's out of warranty, and I'd like to get a sense of what it will cost me to
    have it fixed if I send it back to Canon.

    Has anyone had any experiences paying for out-of-warranty repairs? What is
    it likely to set me back?

    Mitchell Weitz, Jun 12, 2005
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  2. Mitchell Weitz

    PhotoMan Guest

    Why not just get a portable TV, and plug the camera into it?
    PhotoMan, Jun 12, 2005
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  3. Mitchell Weitz

    ian Guest

    Price a used G3 on eBay before you get too far into fixing this one,
    since a used one might eb just as cheap.

    ian, Jun 13, 2005
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