Canon HG10 Just Quits...

Discussion in 'Professional Video Production' started by Stephen Cowell, Jul 16, 2009.

  1. I'm trying to video my band... I mount a Canon HG10 to
    a ball-mount tripod head bolted to a steel bar/plate assembly...
    this is C-clamped to a wooden catwalk above and in front
    of the stage. The camera is running off of 120V mains.

    I start the recording, making sure I see the red dot... then
    I close the side-flap monitor, climb off the ladder and
    play the gig. After the gig, I come up to the camera
    and find it on, but with the green 'pause' display, as if
    it had been stopped by pushing the button. It recorded
    six minutes, including about one minute of the first song,
    then it quit recording.

    Obviously, I'm pissed off... this was a giant PITA to
    go through for no recording, and this is not the first
    time this camera has left me like this... although the
    last time this happened, the camera was 'OFF' and
    I suspected that it being plugged into the same outlet
    as a neon beer sign was the cause.

    Now I'm suspecting the drop sensor... we play pretty
    loud, and sometimes you can actually see the image
    blur from the bass guitar and drums. Do you think
    I'm fighting the drop sensor? I hope so... I can turn
    that thing off. Next gig will have me doing that as
    well as using a long-duration battery (*more* $!).
    Giant PITA... thanks for listening to my vent.
    Stephen Cowell, Jul 16, 2009
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