Canon i9100 va Epson 2200

Discussion in 'Canon' started by Donald Specker, Dec 11, 2003.

  1. Any comments on these two printers? Is the archival ink advantage worth
    getting the more expensive Epson over the Canon?

    Donald Specker, Dec 11, 2003
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  2. I've bought my last Canon printer. They might make good cameras but the sure
    as hell know nothing about making a device that can produce a photograph
    which will last longer than 3 months. Have a look at Canon's web site in
    AUstralia and it's a huge disclaimer about their fraudulent claim to 25
    years life from a bubblejet print.

    If a 6x4 print cost the same (or nearly) as a 6x4 photograph, the only
    reason for doing it yourself is connivance. When the 'true' cost of the
    print is weighed up, doing it yourself on a Canon printer makes dye
    sublimation printers look cheap! It's the post print preservation I'm
    talking about.

    Canon have recently posted 'storage' information about their prints if they
    are to have a hope in hell of lasting past the first month. You can't (for
    example) just pin one on the wall like you do with a photograph. Why? It's
    the "air degradation effect" that erases the image from the paper and this
    (according to Canon) has nothing to do with the ink... Bull!

    I had the very first Stylus colour printer Epson made. I've had Epson ever
    since up to the point I bought a Canon camera and then decided to go for
    Canon printers too - Big mistake! I have 3 Canon printers; an S9000, an i320
    and an i865. None of them can make a print that will last 25 weeks, much
    less 25 years!

    I never had this problem with Epson. My last Epson was a 640 and I still
    have prints from it. They are ageing but no where near as fast as the Canon
    prints did - Yeah, did... The are virtually unviewable now, 18 months after
    making them. The Epson ones are nearly 4 years old and have been exposed to
    the "air degradation effect" ever since they were printed.

    I ordered the first Epson to replace a Canon yesterday. Over the next few
    months I'll replace all the Canon printers with Epson printers. I'll put a
    constant ink delivery system on one and use 'always full' ink tanks in the
    others. Seriously... Someone ought to take Canon on over their absurd

    Milo Rambaldi, Dec 12, 2003
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